La Liga Thread


Can’t see them going after a player like Alli, don’t get me wrong he’s a good player, I just don’t see him making it at that sort of club as a regular long term.


This. Plus as far as I can see he’s playing there with no tendon in his leg so how they got him able to run again is a miracle of medicine. You’d have to think he wouldn’t last 5 minutes now in the Prem after getting crunched by some midfield clogger from Burnley


Girone up at HT.

2-2 FT.

1-1 Levante

2-1 Girona

2-2 Levante


Espanyol up at HT.

1-0 Espanyol FT.


Valladolid-Vallecano, Alaves-Valencia and Huesca-Betis today.
Rayo up at HT.


Just watched the ‘Football’s Greatest’ episofe on David Villa. Think it’s fair to say that he was one of the most underrated strikers. Even when he was at Barca he was treated criminally.


I always thought Villa would have destroyed the PL playing in a peak Wengerball team.


Not that it was an option touted at the time but if we signed him instead of Reyes in 2004 we would’ve won at least another title under Wenger. Peak Fabregas playing behind a peak Villa would’ve been too much for the rest of the league.


Rayo win and go level on points with Bilbao and Villarreal.


Villa is one of my favourite strikers.
PL missed it not going for him when he was at Valencia


stop putting these hypotheticals in my brain


Alaves 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Valencia

1-1 Alaves

2-1 Alaves

Alaves win and go 4th! What a season they are having!


Betis won’t qualify for the EL if they perform like this.

Complete waste of time to watch this crap.


What a massive win for Huesca! 2-1 FT for them! Huesca showed once again to play well.

1-0 Betis

1-1 Huesca

2-1 Huesca


Eibar-Villarreal, Seville-Atletico, Real Madrid-Real Sociedad and Getafe-Barcellona today.
Eibar 0-0 FT.


Nice turnaround by Huesca. Great kit too, hope they stay up with Vallecano


Impressive start from Seville. They are playing Atletico off the park.
The game is a bit more balanced more, albeit Seville still look better than Atletico.
Christ! What a save from Oblak on Sarabia.
Seville score! It was coming.

Another chance for Seville and another save from Oblak.


Safe to say that Seville goal was coming. Sarabia went close to scoring a golazo just before the Sevilla goal too


Yep, Seville have been fantastic so far. Deserved lead.


Fantastic goal from Griezmann right at the end of the half. 1-1.