La Liga Thread




Everyone else


Messi not winning it has a lot to do with the size of United’s and Real’s fan bases. If I am not wrong, Balon D’or is decided by votes from the captains and coaches of every memeber nation and most of those idiots are either United or Madrid fans (basically the only set of humans that consider Ronaldo over Messi). It’s the same reason for why Henry never won it and they even gave it to Zidane in 2003 where he had largely flopped.


Eibar vs Levante was 4-4, sorry I don’t have 8 clips with all the goals. Also a 1-0 win for Real Madrid.


Some curious employee of a streaming platform asks his colleague - “What happened to all the traffic we were receiving from”


Wins for Atletico Madrid & Real Madrid today.


You’ve had a few weeks in the job now aussie.

We’re now expecting goal videos in the updates aswell thanks,



Seville 1-0 up from the spot.


Messi in 19 games has 20 goals and 11 assists with two of those appearances being off the bloody bench.

But he’s the fifth best player in the world :laca:


Ridiculous yet again




Does La Liga even still exist?

If it’s not on Sky, it’s not actually happening. Thems the rules


49 hattricks is absolutely sensational


Messi is just an absolute God :heart_eyes:


The disrespect he receives from UEFA…


Every state that’s pulled up on him actually doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s just expected. He’s that good haha.




I’ll simply never forget this season by Messi. Will be a long time before it’s repeated. It’s extraordinary that I don’t even think this was his best all round season.


What year do you think he was?

2011-2013 Messi is the best player I have ever seen.


It’s premature but I think this season could be his best ever. Aside from that I think 2010 (the whole year) to 2011 was his raw best. I mean it’s marginal between all seasons though haha


Shame they spelt his name wrong on it