La Liga Thread


Rayo Vallecano-Eibar today.
0-0 at HT.
1-0 Rayo FT.


Celta Vigo-Huesca, Valladolid-Leganes, Getafe-Espanyol and especially Real-Valencia today.
Celta up at HT.

2-0 Celta FT.

1-0 Leganes

2-0 Leganes

2-0 Leganes at HT.
Valladolid pull one back.

3-1 Leganes

4-1 Leganes

2-4 FT.

Getafe 0-0 at HT.
3-0 Getafe FT.

1-0 Getafe

2-0 Getafe

3-0 Getafe

Comical own goal to give Real the lead.


Watching Real - Valencia


Yeah Real Madrid are absolutely all over them.


Read that as a @Luca_from_Italy post had to double check when I seen it was your avatar :joy:




Hahaha I just re-read my post and can totally see why you thought that. I posted it as I rarely watch La Liga these days.

Curious about this Valencia side, they have some interesting players. Like Soler.

So far dross, though!

You watching it @Luca_from_Italy?



Real really lack a proper CF this season to score more goals.


Have Gabriel and Coq been good this season?


Coq has looked fucking awful so far tonight, but I’m not sure about the season as a whole.


Gaya looks an interesting player


Great save from Neto on Bale.
Real up at HT, but they look far from impressive.


Valencia attacking more now.
Valencia should have scored here.
Real are so lucky to be up in this second half.


Shocking how Valencia haven’t scored yet.


Ahaha Asensio! What a miss!


Courtois wow. Great save


He didn’t mean it hahaha, saved it with his eye lol


It wasn’t offside.


Game over, as Luca always says. 2-0.


So undeserved.