La Liga Thread


Messi’s timing of the pass :ok_hand:, what a champion :clap:


Objection your honour


Lucky point for Barca. It keeps Real in the title race lol!


I think a draw was a fair result, didn’t think either side really did enough to say they deserved all 3 points.


Genuinely think Wenger would smash it at Barça


Considering all that’s going on with Dembele you’ve got to wonder what he’ll be like when he’s got his shit together in years to come.

He’s saved Barca’s ass more than a few times this season.

Oh and Valverde is still a fucking scrub.


Big part of the Barcelona game is collective pressing. We didn’t show any of that in the nine season we played 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 and a possesion-based game. Contrary to popular believe Wenger really doesn’t have extensive knowledge of the Barcelona style. Or he couldn’t bring it over.


You might be correct there. Certainly the defensive deficiencies would be worse, but I can’t help but feel that their attack would be unplayable


He could actually play Wenger ball tho so the defense probably wouldn’t matter as much. Pretty much everyone they played would hardly get a sniff of possession.


The pressing game is a big reason for that. Integral part of the Barcelona/Dutch game is to get possesion back as soon as it’s lost.

I think Wengerball and what Wenger became known for during 1996-2009 is more defensive-oriented than people might think.


Since Guardiola, I don’t really rate any of Barcelona’s managers and yet they have done well.
Wenger would absolutely be a hit with Barcelona.


Ath. Bilbao - Getafe, Seville - Valladolid, Espanyol - Girona and Villarreal - Betis today.
Bilbao 0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT.

1-0 Bilbao. Great header!

1-1 Getafe

Seville up at HT.

1-0 Seville FT. They are top of the league now!
Girona 2-0 up at HT against Espanyol.

1-0 Girona

2-0 Girona

3-1 Girona FT.

2-1 Espanyol

3-1 Girona


It’s criminal how badly people underrate Luis Enrique at Barcelona.


Betis 0-0 at HT.
2-1 Villarreal FT.

1-0 Villarreal

2-0 Villarreal

2-1 Betis


Well this is very random :eyes: @Electrifying hah but excellent news free football!


Real Sociedad-Celta Vigo today.


He’s whack IMO.

If you have Messi, Neymar and a prime Suarez as your attacking trident you’re essentially built not to fail.

I don’t rate him much at all.


That’s true, but he is miles better than Valverde who really makes Barca play worse than Stoke. You could see some ideas under Luis Enrique, while there is absolutely nothing now.


Real Sociedad up at HT.

2-0 Real Sociedad

2-1 Real Sociedad FT.


Bilbao beat Huesca 4-0 in the Copa del Rey round of 32 first leg.

1-0 Bilbao

2-0 Bilbao

3-0 Bilbao

4-0 Bilbao