La Liga Thread


Villarreal have signed Roberto Soriano :boom: such a great signing, really looking forward to watching them again this season.


Good midfielder. Important step forward for him.


One of the highlights of Football Twitter during pre-season is the irate Barca fans complaining about Samper not getting enough minutes. Over 100 caps for Barca B, almost nothing with the first team yet selling Busquets! for Samper is not an unpopular opinion among some of those fanatics. :joy:


Samper has been a wonderkid for ages now. Same with Sanabria, Grimaldo etc.



C’mon Seville! :santi2:


Incredible strike by Asensio!


Real have to be the luckiest team in the world. First 2014, then 2016. Hats off to Seville. They were fantastic.


Sergio Ramos seems to bob up with a lot of important goals for a centre back.


Soldado out for 6 months with a cruciate injury and their coach Marcelino has resigned. Worrying times for Villarreal.


Whaaat the fuck.

I see Marca are reporting there’s been several disagreements between the club and Marcelino that’s led to his dismal but why now ? one week before their Champs league qualifier with Monaco. Something’s going on,

Edit - So it looks like Marcelino had a bust up with Musacchio

Hopefully they can get Pellegrini back.


Has he really resigned?


Resigned, sacked, forced to quit or whatever, he’s gone.


Spanish Super Cup first leg about to start.
0-0 HT. Not much to say in this first half.
1-0 Suarez. Well-taken goal.
Almost 2-0 by Messi.
That would have been such a shit equalize by Seville. Basically, a Barca player kicked the ball against an opponent and it almost went in.
Game and cup over. Munir makes it 2-0.
2-0 FT. Seville weren’t that bad, it’s just Barca who can win the game when they want.


3-0 Barca in the return leg. Arda Turan x2 and Messi.


Malaga-Osasuna 1-1 FT. Deportivo-Eibar 1-1 at 73’, instead.


I’m genuinely curious. What do you get out of posting all these football results here?


2-1 FT for Deportivo. It didn’t look a stonewall penalty the one Perez converted to gave Deportivo the win.


Classic gfi, likes the post ive made, doesnt respond to it but still posts giving a scoreline that barely anyone here gives a fuck about. :joy:


I don’t answer because i think you hate me, so i don’t want to have an argument with you :wink: