La Liga Thread


That’s both a good and bad thing though.


i think what RM id there is quite dumb actually. You have a game sample of fucking 4 and tie someone into a contract from it at least give him half a season or so to see what happens…4 games they are fucking nuts.


You can only be an interim for 2 weeks in La Liga, so Real had to either give him the job on a permanent basis or hire someone else.

I still fully expect them to go for Poch in the summer


If you’re right that still makes you wonder why it’s a four year deal and not one or two max


Strange to give him the job until the end of next season though. Don’t imagine his salary is very high as I expect he’ll be out by the summer anyway.


Because the moment they decide they don’t want him it does not matter whatsoever how long the contract is lol


Trying to repeat what they did with Zidane. It doesn’t always work, especially without CR7.


Well it does in terms of how much they have to then pay him off lol, otherwise why would any club forgo the security of a long contract? All clubs would give long contracts cos they’d have nothing to lose and everything to gain


2020 is the end of next season so it’s only a season and a half.


I think I got confused by all the fours in Mavericks post, only explanation I can come up with because nobody mentioned a four year deal. Shocking reading comprehension :joy:

Either that or I just desperately want it to be early 2016 before Brexit happened or Trump got elected


But then you’d have to go through Wenger’s last two and a half seasons again.

It might be be pre Brexit and Trump but it’s not worth it :wink:


Amazing that despite how poor Real Madrid have been they’re are still only 4 points off the pace in La Liga. Despite the contract news I still fully expect Real will go after a manager in the summer and a couple of attacking players.


Hopeffuly Klaim, Eriksen and Pocho :wink:


Leganes-Alaves tomorrow.


Sergio Ramos caught taking steroids during the 2017 CL final, not wonder he was such a cunt that day to Cuadrado

New leaks


Yeah because the rest of the time Ramos is the model gentleman… :unai:


This gives context, the guys on roid rage 24/7


Taking steroids and still being shit? :unai:


if true, they should strip any titles from RM for the periods there has been doping it happens in any other sport and RM sure as fuck knew about it.


Leganes up at HT.

1-0 Leganes FT.