La Liga Thread


My tenner on Espanyol to win the league doesn’t look so bad now :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the Barca Madrid downfall.

All up themselves because they had the 2 best players ever.

The CL should be there for the taking for Barca, they are by far the best team in Europe on paper, but all these teams being flawed may result in a different winner this time.


With Valverde as manager I struggle to see them winning the CL, he’s just way too shit.

They can’t blame Dembele for this loss though :henry2:


Wanna bet ‘he is a distraction to the club and is causing disruption to harmony in the dressing room’ :xhaka:


Another testament to the depth of La Liga with Barca being beaten again.


That kind of testament often happens in PL.


City will get 100 points again in the EPL.


Eh? Barca & Real have been touching 100 points almost every season


No they haven’t Real was mid 70s last year for a start when they won the CL in the same season.


Yes they have.

17-18 Barcelona 93
16-17 Real 93 Barcelona 90
15-16 B 91 R 90
14-15 B 94 R 92
13-14 A.Madrid 90
12-13 B 100
11-12 R 100 B 91
10-11 B 96 R 92

It is considered a 2 club league for a reason.


Espanyol up, while Villarreal draw.

1-0 Villarreal

1-1 Rayo

1-0 Espanyol

Seville equalize and Rayo take the lead.

1-1 Seville

2-1 Rayo


And yet you’ve just listed 3 different title winners :thinking:


So? It will still be regarded as 2 club league.


And the EPL will always be called the best league in the world, it’s called media propaganda.


Seville win to go second, while Villarreal draw.

2-1 Seville

2-2 Villarreal. Great goal!


Well since it is…


it’s not tbh. All the leagues are as good as each other probably


Real up at HT.

Lucky 2-0 for them.

But it’s game now 5 minutes later!

3-1 Ramos

4-1 Real. Golazo!

4-2 Real FT.


But, Poch :disappointed:


Worry not, there’s still United :henry2: