La Liga Thread


Is he wenger in disguise?


Seville up.

Edit: disallowed!


I heard they had the chance to sign him this summer but are waiting for Neymar or Mbappé


Seville 0-0 at HT.
Seville win.

1-0 Seville

2-0 Seville

2-1 Huesca




Solari in, perhaps permanently if he does a good job


Image if he did like Zidane :smile:


expected, absolute shit sandwich to take Real at this point in time, doesn’t matter how you look at it or what excuse you make. 5-1 was a nail in a ready-made coffin. Now will they get a damage control manager in like Carlo or go for attacking football like Wenga. I would be surprised if they settled for Conte (too Mou-like for RM?) or if they take too big of a chance with another younger manager.


He’ll light up the place…


Fucked your chance of winning a World Cup for three bad months at Real :giroud:


Haha I was thinking the same. No matter what choice you make in your career it won’t be as bad as that one!


What a moronic move. Genuinely
Kind of mistake those that are just starting out on the real world make I think.

Hope he learns from this and moves on


Once in a lifetime opportunity to try and win a WC with your home nation. If you’re good enough in the future I’m sure he would have gotten the Real Madrid job eventually.


Exactly! The thing is the Spain hob was tailor made for him. He wasn’t a particularly good club coach and his style was perfect for the Spain squad. I genuinely think they would’ve gone very far in the World Cup if he had stayed on, and if not then certainly the next euros/world cup.

Any manager at Madrid is short term and managing this ageing squad which always disappoints in the league was always going to be difficult. Plus as he father said to the Spanish press “they robbed my son of 50 goals” :grin:


So needless to say that quitting Spain on the eve of the World Cup didn’t really work out for him :eyes:


I read that he didn’t think he’d actually get sacked by Spain after accepting the Real job behind their back.

I liken his puzzlement to Ramsey leaving an unsigned deal on the table and still wondering what happened now that it’s not there anymore.


The Copa del Rey round of 32 first leg takes place from today until thursday.


Valencia win.

1-0 Ebro

1-1 Valencia

2-1 Valencia

Lugo-Levante 1-1

1-0 Lugo

1-1 Levante

Rayo leading Leganes at HT, instead.

2-0 Rayo

2-1 Leganes

Atletico are playing here today :smile:

Sant Andreu are owned by the former Barca president Gaspart.
1-0 Atletico thanks to Gelson Martins.

2-2 Leganes

Atletico up at HT. Rayo draw, instead.
Sant Andreu unlucky not to score here. Great save.
1-0 Atletico FT.


Real leading Melilla 2-0 at HT.

1-0 Real

2-0 Real

3-0 Real

4-0 Real

4-0 Real FT.

Alaves-Girona 2-2

1-0 Girona

1-1 Alaves

2-1 Alaves

2-2 Girona

Mallorca-Valladolid 1-2

1-0 Valladolid

2-1 Mallorca

1-0 Barcelona

Real, Barca, Getafe and Valladolid win, while Alaves draw.


Sporting Gijon-Eibar 2-0

1-0 Sporting

2-0 Sporting

Villanovense-Seville 0-0

Celta Vigo-Real Sociedad 1-1

1-0 Celta

1-1 Real Sociedad

Almeria-Villarreal 3-3

1-0 Almeria


2-1 Villarreal

3-1 Villarreal

3-2 Almeria

3-3 Almeria

Cadiz-Espanyol 2-1

1-0 Cadiz

1-1 Espanyol

2-1 Cadiz

Racing Santander-Betis 0-1

1-0 Betis