La Liga Thread


The evil empire has been destroyed in style. Fucking love it! You just have to understand i hate Madrid so much so i love to see them getting destroyed.


Ray Hudson, right? He is a commentating legend haha


He keeps interrupting the American lead commentator lol


Varane is the biggest fraud in the world.


This :point_down::point_down::point_down:


Close competiton with the great Muller.


Barca won 5-1?!




Lol Madrid biggest classico loss since the 5-0 in 2010?


4-0 in 2015 but this one will technically get classified as more :slight_smile:




He is not that wrong. Real had some great chances when 2-1 down.


Unfortunately he’s a dead man walking. Any defeat was the end but a 5-1 defeat is a wound to the heart. Much like Rafa’s defeat in 2015.

It’s a shame because they could build a well developed possession based style under him and really progress from the past ten years and relying on individual brilliance. But hey, this is Florentino :upside_down_face:


Meanwhile, Villarreal up at HT against Alaves.


Tbh I can’t really blame Flo, the players aren’t buying into it so it will never happen.

Zidane was so successful because he massaged their egos lol


Yeah, the way he bailed on Spain proably doesn’t sit well with the Spanish players either plus he was never the first choice, more like fourth or fifth.

From almost managing Spain at a world cup to managing Real for no more than three months, it’s been a whirlwind year. This move was clearly way too early for him, Zidane knew he had got almost everything out of this squad. Their awful league position last season reflected that and without heavy investment in top tier players it was always going to be a struggle without Ronaldo.

Bale is a great player but he’s always playing catch up fitness wise and is never above 70% week to week, that’s a huge issue when he’s now supposedly your main man.Unfortunately he’s just not that guy and I’d have wanted assurances regarding signings to make the jump tbh.


Alaves keep their great start to the season alive. 2-1 FT for them.

1-1 Alaves

2-1 Alaves


Conte at Madrid (Vs Ramos, Carvajal etc) will be entertaining for sure :arteta:


14 points from 10 games including a 5-1 defeat to Barca will get you sacked as a Real Madrid manager.


Would Conte being at Madrid rule out them going for Hazard? I don’t know just how bad their relationship was – it was probably exaggerated in the media, but still, I wonder if Hazard’s interviews will now consist of, “yeah it’s always been a dream of mine to play for Barcelona…”