La Liga Thread


Ramos is a very overrated at defending. He makes up for it with his goals.


Leganes-Villarreal, Espanyol-Levante, Valladolid-Alaves and Seville-Getafe today.
Villarreal 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Villarreal FT.

Espanyol win as well.

Good away win for Alaves against Valladolid.

Seville 2-0 down at HT against Getafe.

1-0 Getafe

2-0 Getafe


2-0 Getafe FT. It looks like Seville will have another ordinary season. Shame because i don’t think their squad is that bad.


To hell with his goals if he costs 10-15 goals every season. :joy:
I used to love the guy back in his RB days but he is such a knobhead nowadays. Dude does my head in so frequently.


Girona-Celta today. Celta can go 2nd.


Used to love Griezmann but lately he went off the deep end. He keeps acting like a fool dropping Ls during the World Cup celebrations, they had a whole special about him announcing that he is staying at Atleti and has been acting so bitter about not being on the level of Cristiano and Leo.
Man needs to go to USA with his bud Vela and cut the bs.


Girona 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Girona

1-1 Celta

2-1 Girona

3-2 Girona FT.

3-1 Girona

3-2 Celta