La Liga Thread


And somehow Messi is not in the final shortlist


Huesca-Rayo Vallecano today.
Rayo up at HT. Golazo!


Atl. Madrid - Eibar, Real Sociedad - Barcellona, Valencia - Betis e Ath. Bilbao - Real Madrid today.


I think Valencia v Betis will be a really good match – it’s annoying that it is on at the same time as Napoli v Fiorentina :unamused:


Atletico 0-0 at HT.
Fuck! Atletico almost lost again. 1-1 FT. They look crap though.

1-0 Eibar

1-1 Atletico


Atlético rescuing a point in the 95th minute.

Honestly thought Atlético would be title challengers this season. On paper, they should be. They kept Oblak and Griezmann. Costa with his first full season since returning. They have Saúl who looks like he’ll be the future of Spain. A strong CB pairing. They added Lemar. They have a good manager.

But something is still not clicking, their performances aren’t convincing. Hopefully they’ll get stronger as the season goes on because they certainly have the tools to give Real and Barca a run for their money.


I think it’s Gabi


Atletico and their manager are vastly overrated. Dont @ me.


Their style just isn’t a good match for modern day football.


Barca 1-0 down at HT.


Judging from the line up it appears that valverde has made some stupid changes to the starting eleven.

Also, bit of a suprise to see Atletico start so slow…


Good comeback from Barca. 2-1 FT.

1-1 Barca

2-1 Barca

Valencia 0-0 FT. Valencia are still winless.


Yes Bilbao! 1-0!


Great goal


Damn! Disallowed for Bilbao! They are rocking Real atm.
Wonderful save from Simon. It wasn’t easy, as Modric’s shot was deflected.
Real Madrid are defending 1 vs. 1 against Williams. Just crazy.
1-0 Bilbao at HT. Great half from Berizzo’s side.


Athletic still playing really well.
Fuck! Great cross from Bale and great header from Isco. 1-1.

Christ! Bilbao been blocked twice in the box!
Ohhhh! Almost penalty to Real. Just outside the box.
Massive tackle from Varane to prevent Susaeta from being 1 vs.1 against Courtois.
That was probably the last chance for Bilbao. 1-1 FT. Fair draw. Bilbao were outstanding and Real had to their socks off to draw.


What’s the difference between Mustafi and Ramos nowadays? The most irresponsible defender and captain in a top team but people call this guy GOAT CB for scoring goals. Mourinho would have given him the Casillas treatment for consistently leaving the defence wide open.
Lopetegui got no balls.


Really disappointed by Atletico’s start to the season, I really thought they had a shot at winning La Liga this campaign, but when you’re already 7 points off the pace that’s now highly unlikely.


Ramos is still better than Mustafi! One thing about Ramos which i’ve noticed has improved (or perhaps i wasn’t paying attention before) is his long passing. Also, he’s a complete wanker. I could like Mustafi a little more if he shared that trait :laughing:


Personally think Ramos has improved, to the point where I rate him higher than Pique, whereas a couple years ago it was the other way round.