La Liga Thread


3 games today: Getafe-Valladolid, Eibar-Real Sociedad and Villarreal-Girona.
Getafe 0-0 at HT. 0-0 FT.
Eibar-Real Sociedad 1-1 at HT, while Villarreal-Girona 0-0 at HT.

1-0 Real Sociedad

1-1 Eibar

Eibar and Girona win. Not a good start for Santi’s Villarreal.

1-0 Girona

2-1 Eibar


Celta-Atletico and Real-Leganes today.

@will24, did you read about Rayo’s stadium? Vallecas is really a poor borough.


Atletico 0-0 at HT.
Ahahah! Lost 2-0. Fucking crap team, with a jurassic manager.

1-0 Celta

2-0 Celta


Real 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Real. Bale is stepping up without Ronaldo. @will24

1-1 Leganes

4-1 FT. Real look great atm.

2-1 Real Madrid

3-1 Real Madrid

4-1 Real Madrid



The rayo story doesn’t surprise me at all. The stadium is so run down it doesnt resemble that of a team in the segunda never mind La Liga. I haven’t read the article yet but I’m not sure how long they won’t be able to host home games for. If they need to for renovations I don’t think they’ll be able to afford it…

And regarding Real Madrid, they do look very good so far this season. Lopetegui has got a really balanced team installed with a possession based game. It’s becoming evident that they will be a much better balanced side than last season. The absence of Ronaldo also seems to be bringing the best out of Benzema, Bale, Asensio, and Isco. I think they’ll be great to watch this season for sure!

As for Atletico, the defeat isn’t surprising judging by their opening games. I wouldn’t read too much into their performances yet though as it is early, plus Celta Vigo away is a tough game for Barça/Real Madrid too


I had a feeling real Madrid were going to be good this season, it was like how people were counting out Barca last season after Neymar left


The Valencian derby and the Seville derby should be great today. There are also Alaves-Espanyol e Barcelona-Huesca.

1-1 between Levante and Valencia atm.

1-0 Levante

1-1 Valencia

Meanwhile, Vinicius is playing for Rea Castilla and scored these 2 good goals against Atletico B.

Levante up now! They a very good team under the new manager.


Luca who tf is this Mariano guy RM gave the #7 to?


The former Lyon striker.


Isn’t Vinicius the kind Real spent over €40m on and he’s not actually very good?


2-2! Great game!


Ramos on penalties is actually the funniest thing :arteta:

So Sergio Ramos.


What a save from Levante goalie! Meanwhile, Levante down to 10 men.
OHHHHHHHH! Two Valencia players miss the ball just in front of the goal!
Disallowd goal for Valencia.
2-2 FT. Great game!


Alaves-Espanyol 2-1 FT.

1-0 Espanyol

1-1 Alaves

2-1 Alaves


Watford are beating Spurs… and one of their loanees has just scored the opener at the camp Nou!


HUESCA!!! 1-0!

Of course, who else!? :goat:


Lovely goal!

Barca are truly fucked the day he retires. Saves them when they are looking poor so many times


Lucky own goal for Barca.

Messi with another wonderful pass.

3-1 Suarez!

But Huesca get one back immediately! What a game!


Huesca putting up a superb fight!


Well, game over now. 5-2.

4-2 Barcelona

5-2 Barcelona