La Liga Thread


Loool, so this is over as fast as it began.


SD gooner is probably devestated reading this


He wasn’t celebrating the idea, just saw the logic/thought process behind it and didn’t think it absurd. Which is fair enough.


Can’t believe Ramos is taking the pens for Madrid. His massive arrogant twat head is filling the Ronaldo vacuum.


Bale hasn’t the the cojones to demand the ball? If CR7 was here there’d be no argument


Think it’s more beneficial for Benzema to get a boost tbh. He’s the only one with any realistic shot of covering the void of Ronaldo’s numbers. You’d imagine Bale is going to do alright on his own.

edit: there he goes :grin:


Such a boring stuff from Barca these days. Even Messi looks bored and disinterested. Only Coutinho and Dembelè looks up for it. Think it’s Valverde who wants them to play in a such boring way. @will24


Can’t believe he subbed Dembele off for Vidal to defend a 1-0 lead lol. @AbouCuellar was definitely right about him. He’s making the best team in the league boring as hell.


on paper they are the best team in europe, but they probably won’t win the CL and that’s because of Valverde.


Should’ve won it last year aswell but Valverde went to Rome and aimed to defend the lead :joy:


On the paper? Think City look stronger and more complete. Maybe Juventus as well.


Barca have started operation tap up again :joy::joy:


shameless, classless piece of shit cunt of a club.


Please, let it be true! More meltdown at Manure!


Levante-Celta and Bilbao-Huesca today.

Celta 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Celta

2-0 Celta

2-1 Celta FT.

2-1 Levante


Guedes to Valencia on a permanent deal. What a signing!


2-2 FT. Little Huesca keep impressing!

1-0 Bilbao

2-0 Bilbao

2-1 Huesca

2-2 Huesca


Huesca’s 2nd goal :ok_hand:


How is that Inaki Williams getting on in general? Haven’t followed much La Liga in recent months but remember reading he was one to watch.


First time in La Liga for them and they have already gained 4 points in their first 2 games. Hope they stay up in the end.