La Liga Thread


Lol. So in that case football is not for the people of the country? Locals who don’t have money for (season)tickets would have a great opportunity too watch their clubs…it’s not like all La Liga games have a occupancy of 100%. There aren’t as many fucks given for most regular season games either. According to your logic it doesn’t matter if one goes too the USA then.


Pre season friendlies = the chance for fans in other countries can see their team.

League games = for the local fans of the country.

If fans from other countries want to see. You make plans and travel to the country they play in.

/ End of discussion


Good on the players for attempting to make this stand, things like this just make a mockery of the equality of the sport.


Again just your opinion. Nothing ‘fact’ about it.


Nope it’s the facts and has been since football started :+1:


TBF hasn’t he also had about 4-5 times as many games as most of those? I mean he’s obviously epic and the GOAT anyway because HGH is a hell of a drug.


Not really. ‘When football started’ pre-season games were also held within the country borders. When we look at Arsenal for example, Arsenal had the tradition before Asia Tour 2012 too not leave Europe.


But thats pre season. No domestic fan cares about pre season. I’m talking about the actual football season


You’re acting like football has never changed. It changes all the time.

I agree with your overriding point but this is a ridiculous way to express it.


Sigh. Pre-season games in foreign countries haven’t always been a given and that has evolved over the years. You act like it has always been this way.


We live in a global economy. The PL and LL are global leagues with the world’s best players. They’re watched globally.

It stands to reason eventually some of those live games will be exported to countries where they generate the most revenue. IE huge crowds that pay a high price per seat.

It would imo make more sense to sanction the latter stages of the Spanish cup out there instead though and make it a higher value competition.


Who cares what how commercially viable the prospect of playing games abroad is.

It’s a deep violation of the principles association football is meant to stand for. Football was never meant to be a commodity sold to the highest bidder

Modern football makes me sick to my core


The concept just removes fans, the local area, and history of the club further away from the sport. It will lead to the sport being nothing more than a show made for global audiences


Football used to be about players from a certain area playing/beating players from different places. Cricket used to have a rule where if you weren’t from a county you couldn 't represent them.

That changed and eventually it became a worldwide league. I remember the paper outrage at the first Arsenal-Chelsea game with no English player

This is just the next step


It’s currently only a sport for wealthy audiences as it is though. The working classes were pushed out long ago.


It’s one game… Obviously that can evolve further, or not, but if local fans get that upset about one game how much do they care about the actual club rather than it being about them?


It’s more the principal though. As you say one game can easily lead to many more. The LFP don’t help themselves with the way they do it either. Much like the supercopa they didn’t consult anyone in deciding to play it in morroco. Most of these decisions are taken behind closed doors with the sole purpose of generating as much cash as possible without any consideration for fans.

It also seems an unfair idea in principal. If a small team has to lose a home fixture to play Barça in New York then that’s a major disadvantage


SD gooner doesn’t seem to care about this :no_mouth:


This is all Wengers fuckin fault…


I don’t really get the point. One game per season will probably over time turn into 1 game per club per season (say 10 games). Watching one game a season in the USA or China is not going to make Americans or Chinese dedicate themselves to a Spanish club and follow them religiously on ESPN for the other 37 games.

I’m not even talking as a traditionalist. In the top leagues and clubs the match going fan is already on the way to becoming the third most important after the domestic armchair fan and international armchair fan so catering to the last two is pretty much an inevitability, but I don’t see this really making much ground up in the money league.