La Liga Thread


Good for them!

Sid Lowe was saying that the intended game would almost certainly be a Barcelona or Real Madrid away game against lesser opposition. So not only would that small team lose their home advantage, they’d have to play in a stadium where the majority of the crowd would be cheering on Real or Barca. Fucking outrageous!


Well it is clearly a marketing thing for La Liga to try and reach an NA demo to try close the eco gap to the PL but this is not the way to do it, have some self-respect.


I’ll be amazed if these games in the US go ahead as planned. There seems to be too much opposition by the players and other footballing bodies in Spain and UEFA.


Love it. Big guys like Ramos are pretty miffed at it, and as long as that stays then there’s surely no way it can happen .


This is the future. Football has become a global game and these clubs and Leagues are global brands. The foreign money of these people is welcome, but giving them one game to see live is too much :grin:.


Well yes if you want to see La Liga live go to Spain. Pretty simple


Like that is so easy. Especially from outside Europe.


It’s a bit of a pisstake for season ticket holders too. Say one of the newly promoted clubs had their home game v Real Madrid moved. “You know you’ve been waiting to watch your team play Real Madrid for years? Well tough, we’re moving it to Detroit.”


‘Well yes if you want to see Real Madrid go to Bernabéu. Pretty simple.’


Honestly feel like you’re just being a contrarian here. It’s bollocks and I think you know it.


Well tough. That’s how it’s been since it started.

Why should it change because fucking Americans are too lazy to go to Spain if they want to watch the SPANISH league


Partially. But I do genuinely think that it has become a global game with the Premier League and La Liga being the greatest football Leagues for every football fan. We don’t need to sugarcoat it, this is a money move by the people in charge. But I don’t think it wouldn’t be completely unfair to give people outside England/Spain a game. We all want Adidas or Puma or whatever to pay Arsenal 50/60 million pounds in the coming years. But how do we get to that number? The global reach is a big part of that.


Sad to see how money has corrupted a simple game at all levels.

I want the bubble to burst big time


Football is for that country’s fans. If you want to watch it go to that league’s country. If you don’t you won’t see it.

It’s not difficult.


I think the kind of people that will fork out the money La Liga would charge for these hypothetical games wouldn’t find it too hard to buy a plane ticket to go see them in Spain.

And re your other point, ideally football shouldn’t take that foreign money either.


There’s certainly something in what you’re saying, I just don’t think shifting regular season games around the planet is the solution.


That’s your opinion. Especially the Premier League has branded itself on a global level. Real/Barcelona are really trying to do that too.

@Electrifying I doubt the 50000+ people who would visit a match in the USA all have the money laying around to fly to Spain :sweat_smile:.


No its fact


If it’s a fact pre-season games wouldn’t be held in the USA and the Supercopa wouldn’t be held in Morocco.


Friendly games. No one really gives a fuck about them