La Liga Thread


Celta-Espanyol, Villarreal-Real Sociedad and Barcelona-Alaves today.


Yeah, they’ve been impressive.

The Betis hipsters won’t be happy though, especially given the stats.


@AbouCuellar and @will24.

Betis play a bit like Zeman’s teams. Great to watch, but naive.


Yeah that’s what I’ve taken from them. Lovely to watch but too much naivety.


Espanyol up at HT.



Espanyol 1-1 FT.


Villarreal-Real Sociedad 1-1 at HT

1-0 Villarreal

1-1 Real Sociedad. Big mistake at the back. Arsenal-esque :unai:

2-1 FT for Real Sociedad


How’s Santi looking?


Messi and his pass :giroud2:
Alaves playing quite well atm.
Barca are playing crap, instead. Very slow again like last season.
Barca 0-0 at HT. Alaves doing their part, while Barca look fucking shit.
So boring.
:goat:! Of course, it had to be him!

Barca hit the post!
Messi-Coutinho linking up well to create a massive chance for Barca.
Coutinho is gonna be so great for Barca. What a goal! 2-0!

Easy for the :goat:. 3-0 FT.



Eibar-Huesca, Rayo-Seville and Real-Getafe today.


Fucking Higuain out wide lol



Barca are truly fucked the day he leaves/retires. His loss will be impact Barca far greater than Ronaldo’s loss to Madrid tbh


Should Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Rivaldo and a few others not be on that list?




Latest 1000 games = about 25 years.

D’oh! I fucking misread the tweet! Time for bed!


Ignoring the fact the game kicked off at 22:15!!


Good to see the players fighting back