La Liga Thread


Does it vibrate when held?


RIP football


Money talks!!


Very unfortunate decision that.


Capitalists in killing sport shock.


Well if locals are unwilling to pay up ticket prices in accordance to expense of football expenses, then expect clubs to go to avenues where fans will.

And locals are themselves to blame for this.
Just pay up if you want football to stay home


:fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

Don’t bite.


Image a Barca-Real at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Fuck it!


Think if this becomes widespread and comes here (inevitable tbh) then I’m pretty much done with top level football.

So disillusioned to what the sport is meant to be already but that would be the final straw.

Only way fans can really do anything is hit them in the coffers and boycott.


La Liga are only doing this as they can’t get the same money the PL does from their tv deals


Ffs I’m getting really close to stop following football. Starting to resent it so much


Why? It’s just one game per season. This is a direct result of the globalization of the sport.

@Calum the Premier League will implement this soon enough. It’s a question of when rather than if.


Maybe this is the solution to finding a location for the Spurs Man City game :grin:


The Spurs-City situation will be the entry for a game abroad for the Premier League.


It’s just a cheap stunt to make a quick buck, nothing more nothing less


This could actually be beneficial for some footballers on a individual level and their brand lol. Since they will get more exposure in one of the biggest markets for growth when it comes to football.


I see little to no financial gain possible for players from this agreement. Playing one league round in the US will do absolutely nothing to boost their careers or their market value


Nah this won’t ever happen in the PL.


How will it even work? It’ll eliminate one team’s home advantage – which team is going to be in support of that?!


Expanding your brand is about creating more exposure…they will get more exposure in an expanding market (football is the largest growing sport in the USA) where a lot of players are still little bit of unknowns. How can that not be beneficial for their brand?