La Liga Thread


Not a bad Ronaldo replacement!



But yeah, I take your point, Setién>>>Emery

A club without a top manager and a legend like Cholo already in place would’ve done well to hire him…like that fish and chips boys club you support in London, no?


Who is he?

Edit : googled it. -_-


I meant that watching better is better than Atletico, you madridista fucker.


FOR THE LAST TIME SPUME BOY SOY RICO, GUAPO, Y ANTI-MADRIDISTA!!! Madridista and madrileño are different things, ya hear? Put down the farfalle fork and get it right.


Ok got it.


One should make a movie on you, Luca. Such a character!




Real Madrid balling in preseason when the entire team isn’t geared to deliver the Portuguese Alan Shearer ballon d’Ors, is it?


Nah but legit Bale and Asensio are on one as far as I’ve seen.

Don’t think they will struggle too much at all, people said that about Barcelona last season and they went on to win the league.




Always been a big difference between Messi and CR12–aside from the obvious ones relating to Messi just being simply better–one makes his teammates better/facilitates things for them, one limits his teammates’ freedom/influence and forces them to adapt to him. Interested to see a Madrid that is actually designed to play as a collective, especially with such top collective players as Isco, Asensio, Modric, Kroos, etc. Though if Lopetegui doesn’t turn out to be a good manager it will be pointless.


Your jokes are so stupid :arteta:




Exactly. It’s disappointing to know there are proper football followers who don’t see this.


You know what.

I thought Benzema was shite the past 2 seasons. But I think he may be back this season, could see him put up big numbers.

He looks sharp
Will be interesting to see how he gets on.


WOW. Dembele just scored a golazo in the Spanish supercup. This on top of a very good performance.

Have a feeling this season he will come of age for them


Superb finish.

He’s going to have a top season, don’t think there will be talk of him leaving come end of the season.


I found the rumours weird considering his end of season form, plus factoring the obvious difficulties he had which he can overcome.

All being said the Barça board are clueless so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some truth


Barca win the Spanish Super Cup.

1-0 Seville

1-1 Barcelona

2-1 Barcelona


I don’t imagine any player will be in a hurry to kiss this “trophy”…


This one is for the WAGs