La Liga Thread


Kane to win the World Cup with England and secure a move to Madrid… that’s what dreams are made of.


I fucking hate Juve, but I can’t wait to see him in that juve jersey :heart_eyes:


They need a goal scorer for sure. Not easy to replace CR7’s output

It’ll be interesting to see who they go for.


They will likely buy a winger but I can’t see any of their options getting the number of goals he got. It also depends on if they trust Benzema enough to start him :joy:


This is honestly a masterstroke from Real.

Selling him for that much and putting the money towards younger quality forwards is the way to go, Ronaldo was starting to drop off and was poor for the 1st half of the season.

It’s a testament to his ability that he was still able to rack up the goals in the later half of the season. They got his best years and stand to make a profit, crazy stuff.

Hazard and another striker would be incredible business.


makes perfect sense for everyone involved. Let’s see where Madrid goes shopping (after the WC perhaps).


Same. I’ve always been more into Serie A than La Liga. It’s going to be interesting watching him do bits there. He’s the new face of the league now – which is a bit of a coup for Serie A in the marketing sense.

On the other hand though, all the Ronaldo fanboys gonna be jumping on the Serie A truck. And I fucking hope Sky don’t try and buy the rights!


I haven’t heard any rumours about anyone wanting to sign Messi


I wonder why Messi has never felt the urge to move and try something different.

Maybe he’s a very sentimental individual too attached to Barca and their commitment to him


Perhaps because he’s been at the apex of clubs since he was a kid, anything else is a step down in world football.

He’ll never go Real so it’s like a backwards move, I think he’ll stay until the end and go and play in Argentina.


Messi’s chance to leave to another top team has probably passed since he signed his extension in November. Not sure how close he ever was to leaving but I think moving to Barcelona at the age of 13, and partly due to them paying for his medical treatment, probably means he has a stronger attachment to one club than most players.


No excuse for Juventus anymore. They have still the best player in the world atm so they have to win the Champions League.


Fucking crazy this.
They got top class contribution from the guy for just his wages


Buffon’s face if they do :sob:


Imagine it was a Juve PSG final. :joy:


Ahh this is where the Ronaldo transfer talk is going on. Anyways, I wanna see who they are gonna go after now to replace all those goals. Anyone have an idea? I guess maybe Salah, or Hazard on the wing? Maybe Kane up top?


Both signed new deals this summer. Would take £150m+ is even get their club talking.

Chance to get Kane has come and gone for Madrid. Hazard can be got though, but that wouldn’t be enough tto compensate for the loss of CR7


Ya never know maybe they have the funds to go on a true madness and get a couple of those guys. 150m for Kane when they just sold Ronaldo for 90m doesn’t seem out of the realm possibility to me. I mean of they wanna sell Isco for 60m or so to fully fund it I’m sure we could chip in :slightly_smiling_face:



Amazing transfer business by Real Madrid, Imagine signing someone for 80 million quid at 24 and getting your money back when you sell them at 33.