La Liga Thread


He is staying.


Best bit of business Barca could do now is force that joker bartomeu to resign.


I’m convinced the Spanish press love Ronaldo more than the national team


Lol! Such a bunch of fanboys.






This has resurfaced because of this. The Players’ Tribune are on it lately!


I’m loving that website more and more


Exemplifies them as a club really.


I won’t trust Di Maria. Guy is a diva


Real Madrid don’t usually do this for rumours do they? haha


Mmm weird for then to outright deny it. I think they could easily sign him within two years, but certainly not this summer.

Besides, Mbappe > Neymar for me.


They probably don’t want their fans to spend all summer expecting Neymar and crying when they get someone cheaper and worse.


Following on from their story denying any interest in Neymar, they’ve now released another statement – this one is to say that they most definitely are not in for Mbappe, definitely not, no way… :roll_eyes:


It appears that Real Madrid’s media team have too much time on their hands


What haha?!


CR7 seems to be close to Juventus! Wow! It would be a massive signing for Serie A.


I’m not even sure where to start with this haha

I think the claims made by El Confidencial are false, but Sandro Rosell is something else


Some definite legs to this story.

Ronaldo and Dybala up front :giroud2: :giroud2:


Rosell is some crook.