La Liga Thread


So after all that it seems the answer was that it was Madrid who lacked the balls to offer it to Wenger


Aw I wanted Wenger to take the job :cry: Guess he’ll never win the CL. I guess Asia have their own CL? That’ll do, when he takes over Shanghai Shenhua :joy:


No point Wenger being Madrid manager while we’re out of the CL though. All it would do is give clubs like Liverpool an easy win.


Arteta free to take over the Spain job now.


He was Barca’s second keeper as well.


Will he stay or will he go…

Modern football

You’re not Lebron James, mate


what a preening little prick, fuck off or stay no one fucking cares you are not fucking messi.


couldnt care less what this Fortnite playing manchild decides


What a fucking rat


Read that he is staying. Massive if Atletico can add Lemar as well.


If he was staying he would have announced it already.


Lol at him turning it into a reality show. He’s not even that good tbf


Hazard did the same sort of shit and everyone got over it.



Loool Griezmann acting like he’s LeBron James :arteta:

If Ronaldo did that, he’d rightly get roasted, and this guy isn’t even 1/5th of him.

Let’s be real, he’s a complete pussy and bottlejob. Bottles the CL final 2016, bottled Euro 2016, would have bottled the Europa this season too were it not for Koscielny blasting the football at his own face. (And despite that he dropped 2 2/10 performances).

Can’t wait till this prick bottles the WC too :arteta:


Yeah Hazard did this shit like 6 years ago, predating even Lebron I think


Griezmann really is not worth all the hype

I think he’ll sign a new contract with Atletico but even their fans must be fed up with him already


What really fucked me off is that he got is goals given to him on a plate but any goal he gets now he has that shit little dance with doing a loser signal on his head. That dance we would want to beat Delli Alli or Lingard to death if they do it, i used to like Griezmann he seemed to be a cool guy but it looks like he suddenly feels like he is a bigtime charlie big enough that he can mock other teams with his shit celebrations. Now just like Alli and Lingard it doesnt bother me none if someone puts a season ending tackle on him, absolute cunt of a ‘man’!


What if he says ‘I am signing for Arsenal’?

What will all you haters say then?

PS - all us haters. what a prick!


Wish we bottled that chance at the end of the 1st leg at the Emirates also.