La Liga Thread


Wenger to go turn Madrid back into title winners.

Hope Madrid go after poch now and unsettle Spurs



Unreal punnage hah




Zidane is definitely playing Manager mode/football manager on easy.

Come on Big Weng, take them to 4 in a row, you know you want to.


Big wengz would suit this Madrid team. Routing for him to get this last big job.


All the lads back together again at Madrid :giroud2:


If that happened, we can prepare ourselves for the official Europa League Twitter account tweeting “Welcome Real Madrid” come December



Would actually prefer to see Wenger at Barca, but it would definitely interesting to see what he could do with the Real Madrid squad and serious financial backing at his disposal.


Zidane leaves on top so fair play to him. Curious to see if Wenger goes there now.


What a baller.

He’s had a relationship with Madrid for years before he started coaching and maybe he wants to keep that alive.

Having a terrible season and getting sacked at a low point takes the shine off of any achievements normally and most of the time ends up with ties being cut with the club.

He’s already had an amazing coaching career so why bother continuing to work your bollocks off for it.


Zidane leaves after 3 Champions League titles in 3 seasons, I suppose they did have a disappointing league campaign though.



Lol at Wenger being named. Even Real aren’t that stupid.




I was just about to say.

Lazy ass list.


Tbh I think Real and stupid can’t be used together lately. They’ve been making the smartest moves of anyone in the market recently.

Barcelona are the stupid ones imo, and Bayern constantly renewing Robbery isn’t great forward planning.

You look at the team Madrid have put together and the money spent, it’s amazing.

Think they’ll manage to get Poch.

Imagine the Ramos shithouse levels under him :poldi: :giroud3:


Please take Poch and Spurs can go back to their level with Everton and West Ham


Would you start supporting Farcid, then? :wink:


Poch can take Kane and Eriksen with him.

Real Madrid players/fans complain about Bale not being able to speak Spanish, wait until they discover Kane can’t even speak his native tongue