La Liga Thread


Rakitic is one of those players that everybody seems to rate and somebody I’ve never actually thought was really good enough for Barcelona.

He has his qualities no doubt I’ve just never been sold on him.


Rakitic has been a solid player for Barcelona but unless Coutinho plugs up the creative hole left by Iniesta & Xavi, fans are going to turn on Rakitic for teams shortfall.


That’s fair enough, for me though he comes up with the goods every season for them.

It says something that they sold Fabregas because of their belief in Rakitic, he was considered a much better fit for them and proved that belief correct.


Zidane has called a surprise press conference.



That’s a guy who knows when to walk out on top.


WENGER :wenger2:


Surely not?!




Where the hell did that decision come from?



Real won’t be winning the CL for the 4th consecutive time then.


Reportedly, betting has been suspended on Arsene Wenger replacing Zidane!

Reports that Zidane had a meeting with Florentino Perez late into the night last night where plenty was discussed.


Conte or Sarri seem more likely, no?

Fucking hope Wenger doesn’t sell his soul to Perez




Bet Poch is regretting signing that massive contract extension now, unlucky :joy:


It’s actually genius from Zidane, when in recent memory has a Real manager stepped down of their own volition when they’re at the top? He may feel the only way is down from here.

Doesn’t lose any of his shine even as a manager and could still return in the future, wonder who gets appointed to replace him.

Gareth Bale will be having a huge party tonight.


Can just imagine all the gloating and #FootyBantz if he did manage to win the CL with them, as if he’d have done anything here other than continue the regression.


Poch is probably checking the small print of his contract as we speak :grin:

What a way to bow out though. He’s basically just said in his press conference that to keep on winning, Real Madrid need to keep things fresh.

If only big Weng has that same mindset


Precisely this

Their champions league form papered over What was a shocking league campaign and science of their title. Don’t think he fancied his chances with them next season


Wenger’s swan-song ?