La Liga Thread


5-2 Coutinho. Game on! :wenger:

5-3! :rofl: Barca have suddenly woken up! Coutinho’s hattrick!

Penalty to Barca! Insane game! 5-4 Suarez.


This game is insane.



Suarez misses the 5-5!


He’s had a very poor game.


Coutinho is so good.


Rakitic should be off for Paulinho now.

Nearly gifted Levante a goal there.


Coutinho is running the show. Should have scored again here.


Busquets WTF :rofl:


AHAHAHHA! Levante should have scored here.
5-4 Levante FT. Deserved. Such a shit way to lose your unbeaten run.




According to @Trion that loss would hurt Barcelona more than losing a Champions League Final.


once messi fucks off and retires barca are not gonna be anywhere near the threat they used to be. RM will probably start beating them to more titles and they will not be a force in the CL either, definitely not favourites the only reason they have done so well for most of these recent season is their frontline. Messi is getting up their in age so is suarez, even if they get griezmann he is not as prolific as them.


Surely it’s unanimous that Valverde has to go? I mean even though he’s won the double I’m just not convinced. Think Barcelona would do well to chase down a Jardim or something.

Whatever it is they choose to do I’m convinced they’ll falter next season. The warning signs have been there all season and the lack of midfield, shit defence and over reliance on Messi is troubling.


Even the refs best help couldn’t save it.



Losing the invincible season on the last day :joy::joy:


Ofcourse it would

But that wasn’t what I said


Surprised Barca rested half the team given the magnitude of the match, be interesting to see if Liverpool or Real do the same in the CL final.


And paid the price for it.
They will regret not taking the opportunity to be an Invincible when they had a chance


Still 1 game to go, tbh.


The last round-up is today and tomorrow.
Celta 2-1 up at HT against Levante

1-0 Levante

1-1 Celta

2-1 Celta

4-2 Celta FT.

3-1 Celta

4-1 Celta

4-2 Levante

Leganes-Betis 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Betis

1-1 Leganes

3-2 Leganes FT.

2-1 Leganes

2-2 Betis

3-2 Leganes

Girona up against Las Palmas

Las Palmas equalize

Seville take the lead

Girona up again.

Girona and Seville up at HT, while Malaga draw.

Getafe score

Girona, Getafe and Seville win.

Real up thanks to Bale. Zidane using his best 11 bar Navas :cech:

2-0 Real with CR7. Nice header and usual beautiful cross from Marcelo.

What a shot from Kroos! Deserved the goal.
2-0 Real at HT.
Villarreal pull one back. Great goal!

2-2! Marcelo at fault here for not losing well his man.

Benzema close with a great shot.
2-2 FT. They finish 3rd.