La Liga Thread


2-0! No Messi, no party!


Some goal by Coutinho.

Really bad goalkeeping though.


Coutinho is gonna be so good next season.


Should have been a red card for Boateng for racking his face.

Good goal by Coutinho although got a deflection.


Barca 2-1 down at HT.


Valverde deserves to go if they lose this match.

Barca need to stop appointing scrubs.


3-1 lol! Golazo!

4-1 ahahahahha! Such a bad way to lose your unbeaten run!



P45 for Valverde.


Pretty classy by Barcelona to be fair. Paying tribute to Wenger by refusing to go the season unbeaten.


Gutting to lose the invincible season at this stage LOL



This guy is gone.


5-1 gettng spanked.


No Messi no team…


WOW! That’s pathetic! No way you can lose your unbeaten run in this way. Valverde is getting sacked for sure.


And the team look like they aren’t even trying.

No attempts to close down…pathetic.


He won’t get sacked but he won’t be afforded many chances next season. The Roma game was not a one-off


I know it ultimately makes little difference but it’s so rare to see Barca get fucked it’s truly enjoyable. :slight_smile:


Can’t imagine how i’d have felt if we’d lost the penultimate game of our unbeaten season (Fulham wasn’t it?). Though i’d certainly have directed my anger at Wenger if he’d decided that was the right time to rest Thierry Henry!


He waited until 5-1 down to make a sub.

Unbelievable Jeff.


Anyone know why Messi was rested? It just can’t be for the friendly game Wednesday…