La Liga Thread


Fuck what a finish!

Yeah after his performance tonight he isn’t going anywhere, wishful thinking lol


Ramos is so so overrated.

Banter defender.


Yeah, poor defending. Completely lost his man.


His unreal goal scoring for a defender hides his defensive flaws with many fans and pundits


He got into team of the season when Barca won the treble.

Nuff said :neutral_face:



LOL! Look at Ramos here! :rofl:


Ramos :rofl:




3-2 Seville FT.

3-1 Real

3-2 Real




SIXTEEN :hushed:


Amateur. Ozil gets that time off without having to shove anyone.


Real Sociedad - Leganes, Alaves - Ath. Bilbao, Betis - Siviglia, Eibar - Las Palmas, Getafe - Atl. Madrid, Girona - Valencia, La Coruna - Villarreal and Real Madrid - Celta Vigo today.
Real Sociedad, Alaves, Eibar, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Villarreal win, while the Seville derby is a draw.
Real 3-0 up at HT. Bale’s brace and Isco.
6-0 FT. Hakimi, Gomez’s own goal and Kroos the others on the scoresheet.



All the goals:


1-0 Atletico

Eibar-Las Palmas

1-0 Eibar


1-0 Betis

1-1 Seville

2-1 Seville

2-2 Betis

Real Sociedad-Leganes

1-0 Real Sociedad

2-0 Real Sociedad

2-1 Leganes

2-2 Leganes

3-2 Real Sociedad

La Coruna-Villarreal

1-0 Villarreal

2-0 Villarreal

3-0 Villarreal

3-1 La Coruna

3-2 La Coruna

4-2 Villarreal


1-0 Valencia


1-0 Alaves

2-0 Alaves

3-0 Alaves

3-1 Bilbao

Real Madrid-Celta Vigo

1-0 Real

2-0 Real

3-0 Real

4-0 Real

5-0 Real

6-0 Real


Espanyol-Malaga and Levante-Barcelona today.
Espanyol 3-1 up at HT.

1-0 Espanyol

2-0 Espanyol

3-0 Espanyol

3-1 Malaga

4-1 Espanyol FT.


Levante up!


Valverde showing why he isn’t the guy yet again.

Messi rested and three of the regular back four not starting away against Levante who are in good form.

They aren’t good enough defensively.


Well Barcelona have an important game on Wednesday v Mamelodi Sundowns, so clearly Messi is being rested for that :sunglasses:

Seriously though, in those sort of money spinning games – certain players are contractually obliged to play, right?


No Messi to save them here.

We’ll see what these guys are made of, Valverde isn’t good enough.