La Liga Thread


He should be given another chance with Coutinho in the Champions League next season.


Leganes-Levante today.


0-0 at HT.
3-0 Levante FT.

1-0 Levante

2-0 Levante

3-0 Levante


So it appears as if Iniesta is off to Japan and not China. It seemed inevitable as if China would end up as his destination but it appears to be a deal linked to the CEO of Rakuten (Barça’s main shirt sponsor).


It seems Rayo are going up, with a wee team from fucking Aragona called Huesca :arteta:. @AbouCuellar @will24


Yep I think Rayo will do it now! They had a great result at the weekend. I’m really hoping Cordoba will stay up but it’s looking bleak.


Cordoba’s fall from grace has been sad in just 3 years. Probably playing in La Liga was too much for them.


It’s crazy but I guess they’ve never been a first division club. My lasting memory of them in La Liga was a 7/8 goal defeat to Barcelona at home… so it didn’t go well for them haha


Barca-Villarreal and Seville-Real Madrid today.
1-0 Coutinho


Wow that was superb play from Dembele then for Barça. Coutinho tapped in the rebound from the goalkeeper for the goal.


If we could swap Bellerin for Dembele that would be the robbery of the 21st century.


Great save from Cillessen here!
Wow Iniesta! 2-0 Barca! :giroud2:


I’d say Villarreal are already on the beach, but coming from south east Spain it doesnt sound right


@will24, are you hearing Hudson? Lol! he is drunk :rofl:


I’m watching on Sky, what is he saying?? When sky lose the the rights next season I’m definitely going to listening to him more :grinning:


Saying “fantastic”, “amazing”, “look at that touch” and “majestirious” (i doubt the last word exists :grinning: ) everytime Barca attack :smile:


Iniesta to Messi for the third :heart_eyes:


Just beautiful!


Villarreal pull one back.
Such an easy goal for Dembelé. Nice move from Rakitic.

5-1 FT. Dembele again.


Awesome from Dembele.

And he’s supposed to be coming here? Pull the other one.