La Liga Thread



Omg Moley’s gonna be right!!!

Edit: loooooooool just got your joke.


Great finish from Dembele.


Aspas :arteta:


Wasn’t he the best player on the pitch?


dunno lol, just saw he scored the equalising goal and laughed

no idea how he performed


Barcelona 5 games away from an unbeaten season in the League.


Aspas had a good game and is really impressing this season! I haven’t been following Spain but surely he will find a starting spot for them in the world cup


He definitely deserves to be on the plane.

He was very good today and at the heart of everything, scored his 20th in the league too


Fair play to him, @Darkseid recently set me straight on his recent awesome form too.

Still, that corner against Chelsea :arteta:



RM losing

EDIT: Not anymore. C Ron.

Atletico Madrid losing 2-0 to Real Sociedad


That means Barcelona will only need one more win.

Do they do guards of honour in Spain? Because should Barca beat Deportivo, their following game is against Real Madrid… :grin:


Zidane already said Real Madrid aren’t doing one

Because Barcelona didn’t do one for RM winning the club world cup :arteta:

So petty.


Atletico being destroyed by Sociedad today, just goes to show we do have a genuine chance


Imagine asking for a guard of honour for winning the Club World Cup.


Maybe they were just focused on the Europa League, but yeah, they do look weaker away from home.

Meanwhile, Malaga who almost knocked Borussia Dortmund out from the Champions League just 5 years ago are relegated. Great fall from grace for them.


Leganes-La Coruna this evening.


God really?

Weren’t Santi & Isco from Malaga?


Or their heads are somewhere else.