La Liga Thread


Juventus must be shitting themselves in the pants after yesterday’s game, especially with Chiellini probably out injured.


Everything that is totally pathetic about the Messi vs Ronaldo debate. Nevermind the fact that Messi is on course to win the league title with Barca…

Also: “Cristiano is three goals from Messi and I hope he can become the top scorer because it’s very important to him,” Real coach Zinedine Zidane said.



LOL Laughable whilst the league was on the line Ronaldo couldn’t score in a whore house this season, I’m not sure how much credit he deserves for scoring a bundle whilst they are already 15 points behind the Catalans.


As much as I’d like to join in on the fun, it’s a case of mistranslation :confused: :


I found the quote in the Reuters article, I’m surprised they would mistranslate it to be honest! Saying that, I was trying to highlight the poor journalism when it comes to the Messi vs Ronaldo debate, so i guess that highlights even further haha.


Messi some distance, Suarez then everyone else for me.

Ronaldo is still great but his overall impact on games is dimishing, he doesn’t dominate them like he used to. Suarez is the closest to Messi with regard to approach to the game and also numbers on both sides of the equation, elite goal scorer and plays like a #10 also.


Yeah, I used to think that–was saying it all last season–but I don’t think his (Suárez’) impact really justifies being put ahead of a wide forward who’s still scoring at outrageous rates.


It’s a testmant to Ronaldo’s ability that he can still play catch up as he has done but the fact that he isn’t consistent as he used to be in addition to the fact Suarez not only scores like he does but creates like very few do barring Messi and a handful of others if that makes me put him above anyone not named Messi.

When you look at the his record it’s really insane for someone who also creates too, he definitely should have won the Ballon d’Or in 2016/2017, he was robbed.

Ronaldo is scoring again but what’s to play for now? He shouldn’t even make La Liga team of the season .



Dude just takes the ball and makes his goals happen. Too bad the Liverpool defence is trash.


Suarez of this season hasn’t been at that level though. Still got the CL to play for tbh.

Think I am another one that has to eat siuuuuome Ronaldo crow.

He is awesome.


I always trusted that Goatnaldo would claim his rightful place as the best player in the world



I must say it surprises me that Inter Milan sold him. Great buy for Valencia though, he’s really impressed me this season, especially in the first half.


I’ve heard it said he was total shit for them though, however good he has been since.


Welcome to Arsenal. You will be safe from competing against Barcelona here. :wenger:


Would Iniesta get in our team ahead of the English Iniesta tho?



Girona - Levante, Ath. Bilbao - Celta Vigo, Las Palmas - Real Madrid and Seville - Barcellona today.
Girona 0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT. Girona miss the chance to go 6th.

1-0 Girona. Fantastic goal!

1-1 Levante

Bilbao 0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT.

1-0 Bilbao

1-1 Vigo. Nice goal!

Real 2-0 up at HT. Bale and Benzema.

1-0 Real

2-0 Real

3-0 Real FT. Bale again.

Oh Correa! Thought he would have scored from there.
Not really a great game. Seville doing better though.
1-0 Vazquez! Deserved.


Umtiti is a built like a brick shithouse fuck me

Sevilla take the lead. Inch perfect pass after a lovely move.


Wenger-esque defending, my word.