La Liga Thread


That was a different Coquelin right?


Valencia beat Betis. My fellow countryman Zaza scored the second.


Legitimate goal disallowed and a wallop to the face, Bartha has had better days



1-0 Valencia

2-0 Valencia

Celta Vigo-Las Palmas 0-0 at HT.


Expositoooo 1-0 Las Palmas, take a bow Paco Jemez you beautiful bald bastard.


1-1 atm.

1-0 Las Palmas

1-1 Celta

2-1 Celta FT.



That’s an incredible looking jersey. I love it


Wow yeah, I love it too


If I was a Madridsta I’d be all over that, even though £130 is ridiculously steep haha


Me, too.


Looks like a bog standard football top to me. It’s white, has their logo, kit maker and sponsor on. Blue stripe is fun.


Girona and La Coruna play today.


Apparently Neymar wants back in Barcelona. Haha, clown.


I think it’s probably just Mundo Deportivo being Mundo Deportivo but it wouldn’t surprise me. Neymar is way too good to be pissing about in Ligue 1. Plus I think him, Messi, and Suarez genuinly got on well


I think we already know what Barca’s reply would be to that.


I agree that he is too good for that league. But is that not the point? He wants to be the standout in order to win the Ballon d’Or? I mean, come on, everyone knows he didn’t go there to win a Ligue 1 title.


You’re probably right. He went there to stand out (and for the insane amount of cash). But I don’t think he’s standing out that much, especially with Mbappé there. It wouldn’t surprise if overall he regrets the move now!


Girona up at HT against La Coruña.
2-0 FT for Girona. They are back in 6th place.

1-0 Girona

2-0 Girona


Eibar-Real Madrid, Seville-Valencia and Malaga-Barcelona today.