La Liga Thread


but yet everyone wanks over simeone, wish people would shut up about him he is so overrated i feel. People act like he has done so well with nothing, but fact is he has a very very strong side with some very good if not world class players but serves up fucking dross each week, dont wanna watch his boring shit.


Lol Simeone on target for another 85+ point campaign, when was the last time we did that ? 2004 ?


Atletico have conceded 12 goals in the league this season. 12!!!

We’ve conceded 41.

I think that tells you a little bit about why some people may want Simeone.


Nobody has denied Simeone is great. He just isn’t an Arsenal man. He’d suit Chelsea or United more


He’s not a spineless bottler I’d agree there


He bottles aswell. Lost 2 CL finals


Getting to 2 finals in 3 years v getting hammered by Bayern in the last 16

Hmmm. Yeah i’ll take bottling the two finals thanks.


2-1 FT for Real Sociedad.


So I take it it’s a prerequisite that any manager we get has to be pretty poorly defensively ? To fit in with the ideology of new age Arsenal ?


What is an “Arsenal man” anyway?

We have no identity anymore, that shit needs redefining and Simeone would be more than capable.


Valencia - Betis should be a good game. 2 interesting coaches and loads of talent on show.


I think defensive masterclasses are under-rated somewhat. Obviously I get the appeal of watching free flowing attacking football. But at the same time, I find it quite satisfying seeing a great goalkeeping save or a goal-line clearance or a perfectly timed tackle.

If you’ve got that backbone then you don’t just have to rely on being able to outscore the opponent. I know some people would disagree but i’d happily win a game 2-0, in which we’re solid all over the park, than win a game 4-3.


Give me a 1-0 win over this shit we’re being served up every time.


Valencia up at HT. Rodrigo thanks to Guedes’assist.


The thing with defending is it takes discipline / concentration, organisation / tactics / teamwork, bravery / fight / guts.

When you support a club you want to see your team provide all of that every week. The thing that makes me most miserable as a fan of Arsenal is not seeing us have any of these. It makes it excrutiating to have to watch whole halves of football where we might as well not be there or games where we are 2nd best for 80 minutes.


or starting to wake up and play when we are 2-0 down and we have only 15 minutes to get something out of the game.


Damn Kondogbia!



Are we the top foreign club? :grimacing:

(assuming this is goals scored and victims?)


The commentator for the Valencia Betis game is really against gloves. He even said players who wear gloves make mistakes. Reckons Mandi wouldn’t have made an error if he wasn’t wearing gloves, then he said, “Back in our day we didn’t even know what gloves were. And we all wore short sleeves…” Seriously. You only get this kind of analysis on Sky Sports.