La Liga Thread


oh shit


I think Madrid may be out of the title race.


Unexpected result, as Real were in a good form.

1-0 Espanyol

Girona win as well.


Seville up against Malaga. Malaga are going down badly.

Valencia up as well. Good goal from Kondogbia.

Valencia, Getafe and Seville up at HT.

1-0 Getafe

2-0 Getafe


Bilbao equalize.

Valencia draw, while Seville and Getafe win. Only 1 point in 4 games for Seedorf and La Coruna are yet to score a goal.


What a chance for Leganes against Atletico! Should have really scored here.
Eibar up against Villareal.

Atletico hit the bar now.
What a rocket from Leganes! Really smashed the bar for them! Two bars in few minutes :smile:
1-0 Griezmann. Superb pass from Koke and nice finish.

Griezmann golazo on freekick! 2-0!

Griezmann close to his hattrick. Cuellar saves!
Hattrick! Another great goal!

4th goal for Griezmann! And it’s another good one! Image him against Mustafi :mustafi:


Griezmann has defo come alive again since Costa joined. I don’t like giving Costa any credit but he seems to have changed Atleti’s play for the better. It’s like Griezmann has been freed.


Can’t wait to see Mustafi the clown against them :xhaka:


Atletico and Eibar win.


You won’t get to see it I’m thinking as I would say we are getting tossed from the competition by Milan.


Yeah, i have already told @Gio they are going through.


Betis 0-0 at HT.


How did Barca miss it?
Of course, Messi! Beautiful free kick.


Messi out of this world :goat:


What a free kick :goat:


Barca up at HT. Controlling it well.
Oh fuck! Penalty to Las Palmas. 1-1! Atletico just 5 points behind atm.

Las Palmas holding on well.
Can’t believe the league is open again! Barca have literally thrown it away like in 2016. What’s up with them collapsing everytime in this period of the season?


Back to 5 points in La Liga :eyes:. I wouldn’t go as far to say they have thrown it away with a record of 20-6-0, Atletico have been on a very very good run.


Barcelona v Atleti this weekend. A win for AM and the title race is proper on :fire:


But who’d want Simeone with the boring football he plays and all that @GunnerGirl


There’s better managers than him with attacking football. Football is an entertainment too, what City have done this season should be the benchmark for want we need after Wenger. Fearless v top 6 clubs, good football and winning