La Liga Thread


Filling in for Luca


Glad to say I get to watch Messi live.
He is such a special player.
He just lurks around all the time, looking disinterested, letting others do the donkey work and then suddenly comes alive.

He is the GOAT for me and I am so glad that I get to watch him & I only watched him play the whole time.

You even know that he is going to score a free kick.

Quality goals throughout.
Dembele was crap.

Special mention to Vermaelen. and to Barca fans, they seemed to be having fun the whole time.


Cheers bro :wink: . @SRCJJ

Messi :giroud2:




1-0 Real

2-0 Real

3-0 Real

4-0 Real

Villareal, Valencia and especially Seville-Atletico today.
Villareal up at HT.

1-0 Villareal FT. Getafe missed 2 penalties :arteta:. Really happy for Asenjo with his 2 saves, as he has been so unlucky with the injuries in the last years.

First penalty saved

Second penalty saved


Bilbao up at HT against Malaga.
Bilbao win 2-1. Malaga are pretty fucked, aren’t they?

Valencia 1-1 so far.

1-0 Valencia

1-1 Real Sociedad

2-1 Valencia FT. They stay in 4th.


1-0 Atletico. No chance to win the Europa League against them.

Griezmann golazo!

2-0 Atletico HT. Easy for them against a side they usually beat.


That’s the Costa we all know and err hate…


Penalty to Atletico. 3-0 Griezmann.


4-0 Koke. Big mistake at the back from Seville.

5-0. Griezmann’s hattrick. Can we retire from the Europa League? :xhaka:

Good goal from Sarabia. 1-5.

Another goal from Seville. 2-5

5-2 Atletico FT. Still 7 points behind Barca.


It’s alright man, AC Milan will put us out long before we even have to worry about Atletico.


That’s true buddy.


it’s cool though, big Fezza have got an awesome car! I feel really good about the SF71-H

Should tide us over to the managerial change in the summer nicely.


Let’s see the first test tomorrow.

What about Maurizio replacing Wenga in the summer?



Who was it that said Atletico isn’t good this season ? We won’t have a problem with them ? Well I suppose they are right because we won’t have to play them.


Yeah, you were right in the end.


Carasco off to China… wow


Betis play Levante away today.
0-0 at HT.
2-0 Betis FT. They are 7th now.

1-0 Betis

2-0 Betis


It doesn’t make sense that a guy who scored in the Champions League final two years ago would move to China aged 24! The fee is mental too – considering the Chinese money, they’re only getting £20-25m for him when PL clubs would probably have paid double that! Doesn’t seem right.

Is it all above board? I don’t know the ins and outs of it but Wanda own this Chinese club. Can’t help but think something fishy has gone on there.


Midweek’s fixtures today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Espanyol-Real Madrid and Girona-Celta Vigo are the first 2 games.