La Liga Thread


Real-Alaves and Barcellona-Girona today. Girona are gonna be difficult for Barca. @will24


Celta-Eibar 2-0 in the first game of the day.


Benzema is so fucking shit

Bale tho :heart_eyes:

Ç Ron with an awesome finish


Real up at HT with CR7. He looks back in form.


Bale is awesome man

Kovacic too, and we all know about C ron

Fair play to Ronaldo, could have got a hattrick off the penalty, but gave it to Benzema. He must love him lol.

4-0 Real


Shows how low Benzema must be that Ronaldo gave him the pen.

You wouldn’t have thought it especially being on a hatrick.


Real back in form when it matters.


Ronaldo also begged the real fans not to boo Benz at the last couple games lol, he must love his bitch.

Benz played well but it was a Giroud type performance really.

Bale Ronaldo and Kovacic the real stars.

Well their shit form means the league is gone lol


They are my favourites for the Champions League though.


Going to Nou Camp. Got free tickets :smiley:


1-1 in the first 5 mins, not a bad game you’ve picked!


Dembele should have stayed at Dortmund




I’m not sure what to make of him really, it’s still probably a bit early to judge. He’s been unfortunate to suffer quite a serious injury so early on. I think he’ll be a lot better as the season goes on though


Not sure what to make of him with regards to what? Ability, potential?


Has nothing to do with his injury, just feel his development would have been better served at Dortmund. I think he moved too early


I don’t doubt his ability (or his ceiling that he can reach), just how he’s going to fit into the team more than anything else


I think he fits in very well , they’ll probably move to a 4-3-3 when he starts lighting it up and/or Iniesta leaves. The wide 4-4-2 is fine for him for now.

@sevchenko: I don’t think he moved too early he’ll play plenty of football and his education will be better than at Dortmund, besides when Barca come knocking it’s beyond hard to say no.


Yeah I think they’ll go back a to 4-3-3 within time. If I’m honest I’m not really liking the two up top for them right now.

Also I think playing with Messi is probably the best football education one can get. He seems to be taking Demebele under his wing somewhat, much like what Ronaldinho did to him.


If Tuchel hadn’t of left Dortmund I think there would have been a better argument for Dembele staying. Barca & Dembele is a good fit, they needed a good wide creator that could dribble to replace Neymar and Dembele is one of the best in Europe irrespective of age.