La Liga Thread


Game over. Betis’s defence is terrible.

3-4! Betis are just crazy!

Game truly over now. 5-3.


Great game. Gotta love Betis!


Lovely stuff by Fabian.

Finally that fat bastard Benz scored


Madrid’s away kit one of the best around :heart_eyes:


Wenger stays=Benzema comes in.

You heard it first :poldi:


What’s the brand M8


Getafe and Celta play today.
Getafe up at HT.
3-0 FT.

1-0 Getafe

2-0 Getafe

3-0 Getafe


Real play Leganes today. A chance for them to go 3rd.


Who do Fake play?




1-1 so far.

1-0 Leganes

1-1 Real

What a goal from Real! 2-1 Casemiro.

Real 2-1 up at HT.
Real are amazing upfront, but they basically concede a chance on every attack.
Massive chance for Leganes here! They have been really good in the second half.
3-1 to Real thanks to Sergio Ramos’s penalty.

3-1 FT for Real. They are 3rd now.





He’s accused of typing up and beating a man while shouting death threats and holding a gun to his head.

Further searches within Semedo’s house found the player possessed an illegal firearm and owned a disco in his basement.

Nothing wrong with having a party in the basement :sunglasses:


In other news, Carrasco looks to be going to China.


Must-win game for La Coruna against Espanyol this evening.
0-0 at HT.


Perez just missed a vital penalty, out of curiosity what have his numbers in La Liga been this season ? Very average I assume as no one has been talking about bringing him back lol.




He looked pretty good today to be fair, but was pretty much always too deep or out of position. I liked him Deportivo in his first stint but I’m not sure what Wenger or the club expected from him…


0-0 FT. Useless point for La Coruna.