La Liga Thread


Atletico on pace for 85 + points again, whilst conceding less than 20 goals.


Las Palmas-Malaga 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Las Palmas FT. Malaga are gone.


Shame, who will all the expat bar owners from Essex go and watch now? :grimacing:


Just realised they’ve conceded 9 goals all season and we’re sat on 35 lol


Yeah because rest of league is too shit for them to break sweat.


Let’s not sprout garbage, no way we’d be getting multiple 85 point + seasons over a 5 year period if we were in La Liga.


I am not claiming us to be better than Atletico Madrid but that doesn;t change the fact that La liga is more loopsided than Premier League & it becomes very easy for better side to romp over smaller ones.

If we were in La Liga, we would have certainly achieved more 80+ seasons than we have in PL.


I’ve believe the Prem has better depth than La Liga, say if you put from Watford downwards with Getafe downwards in a 20 team league, what would happen? I think the winner would be an English team and most of the top half would be filled with English sides as well.

I’m more confident of this now than say 5+ years ago when perhaps it would be somewhat different


Oh look, Trion exposing his ignorance again…

“the fact”… :roll_eyes:


Seville up against Leganes in the first Copa del Rey semifinal return leg.

Seville miss the chance for the 2-0.
Off the line now! Leganes back to the wall!
1-0 Seville at HT.
Seville living dangerous for not killing the game off.
Finally game over. 2-0 Vazquez. Seville qualify to the final.


Valencia-Barca today. @will24


You know what, I have a feeling Valencia may get somethjng tonight. Although the away goal rule could kill them :confused:


Coutingo starts on the bench again. Think the plan is to play him as first choice from next season. Iniesta still has the edge.
Coquelin with one of his rare shot on target! :rofl: Easy save from Cillessen.
Domenech saves a Messi’s free kick. Not dangerous at all.


Barcelona will probably give Coutinho starts around the Champions League fixtures to rest Iniesta’s legs.


You mean in the league? I don’t think Coutinho can play in the Champions League.


Coquelin has been a beast so far, as he has intercepted many balls.
Fucking hell! Le Coq is unbelievable today!
Barca are too open at the back. Valencia are taking advantage of it.
Oh Messi! So close! Completely against the run of play, but we know Leo can do it.
Suarez missed quite a good chance from inside the box.
0-0 at HT. Valencia have been the better team and deserve to be up.


Holy fuck what a pass from Coquelin right now. Been a long time since I’ve seen that’s kinda quality from him. When the commentator said it was Coquelin not Parejo I didn’t believe it.



Coquelin doesn’t ask for what he wants. He takes what he wants