La Liga Thread



Take it Penaldo! Fucking arrogant prick.


The derbi barceloní and Atletico-Valencia. Great sunday ahead! @will24
0-0 HT.


State of the Espanyol pitch. Reminds me of the ol days of my yoof. :relaxed:


Messi started on the bench. WTF!?
Heavy rain in Barcelona. Barca clearly struggling with this pitch.
Knew it. Impossible for Barca to play today. 1-0 Espanyol. La Liga allows this game to play on only for someone to finally beat Barca.

1-0 Espanyol

PIQUèèèèèèèèèèèèèè! 1-1!

Bad dive from Espanyol here. No penalty.
1-1 FT. Great result for Barca, considering the pitch was bloody awful.


Haha Pique must’ve loved that goal


There were plenty of Espanyol fans waving the flag of Spain at him :rofl:


Girona beat Bilbao 2-0 and go 9th. What a season they are having!

1-0 Girona

2-0 Girona


Wanda Metropolitano is half empty. Bad weather in Madrid? @AbouCuellar
Fantastic save by Neto on Costa. First chance of the game after 35 minutes.
0-0 at HT. Only 1 goal chance in 45 minutes :roll_eyes:


How did this happen? Mind you, Tony Adams and Gary Neville show that teams in La Liga aren’t really that fussy.


Just read it. Yep, odd appointment.


Correa wow! :cech: 1-0 Atletico.


Really hard to watch Atletico imo. Because of the David and Goliath battles they have been in they might be the club too sympathise with, but I can’t see the allure of watching them 90 minutes. Maybe they are exciting against lower La Liga teams, but can’t really be bothered to watch those games.


Nice shot from Griezmann. Third attempt on target of the game.


Neither can their supporters, judging by the crowd at the Wanda Met :eyes:


1-0 Atletico FT. Another tight and boring win for them. I know we must learn how to defend, but seriously, their style of play is just dire.


Simione overrated. Boring shit team.


Doesn’t even eat his own earwax.

2/10 manager


@A.F. :grimacing:

Great goal by my boy/che Correa but I think Neto’s positioning was poor and he’s gotta save that tbh.


@SDGooner is right. Simeone is a great coach, but his sides are boring as fuck.

Was it snowing in Madrid though?