La Liga Thread


Must be so depressing to support Real Farcid this season. You just can’t stop Messi and Suarez.
2-1 Barca FT. Still unbeaten.


Amazing just when everyone thought Barca were finished, they might come up with a 100 point season.


Great FK as always but I think that’s probably the worst game I’ve ever watched live from Messi, never seen so many missed controls from him. Still probably a good game by most others’–average players like CR12 for example :wink: --standards, that nutmeg pass to Suárez was :open_mouth:

What did you guys think about the Umtiti penalty shout? Can’t decide if it’s a penalty or not. On the one hand it’s impossible for him to get his hand out of the way, on the other hand his hand has blocked a dangerous shot.


It’s one of them decisions that are impossible to say really. I think it’s too close to give away tbh, his hand looked close by and the must be been within a yard or so.


What’s the CR12 banter? The 12 CLs real have got? Or is it a play on giroud or something, which I don’t get?


He has this absurd idea that there’s a comparison to be made between OG12 and CR7 lol


Lol it’s just a troll that comes from the fact that both players (Ronaldo obviously not before in his career) are a detriment to the team when they’re not scoring because they are bad to really bad at everything but scoring (which is something Giroud of course occasionally is bad at too and Ronaldo is bad at this season and was for parts of last season).


I mean that could maybe be true this season, but Ronaldo has made some pretty nice assists during his time at Real.

His passing is actually quite incisive on the counter.


1-0 Alaves

1-1 Barcellona. Iniesta :giroud2:

2-1 Barcellona. Messi :giroud:


Celta up at HT against Betis. Betis crap at the back once again.


We’re the joint worse with Betis




3-2 FT for Celta. You never get bored with Betis!

2-0 Celta

2-1 Betis

3-1 Celta. Great goal.

3-2 Betis


Not a La Liga club but Cordoba have signed… Reyes! Yep, he’s still going^copy|twsrc^android|twgr^copy|twcon^7090|twterm^0


Big signing for a club that are fighting relegation.


Marc Bartra signs for Real Betis


Dortmund selling everyone :henry2:


The Copa del Rey first semifinal first leg is today: Leganes-Seville. @will24


Think it’ll be q very entertaining game tonight. Although the big one is tomorrow :smiley:


You heart is divided in two! Do you live in Barcelona or Valencia?


Seville with a massive to score. How did Leganes goalie save it?
Great goal from Muriel. Really well-taken shot.

Seville play some lovely stuff.
But now Seville cock up at the back and Leganes almost equalize!
Seville 1-0 up at HT.
1-1. Sergio Rico :facepalm:

1-1 FT. Fair result in the end.