La Liga Thread


Let’s hope Seville can get the job done today against Atletico in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals return leg :smiley:


Ahh good, you’ve reminded me there’s something I can watch tonight! :grinning:


lol what a start


So much for the super Atletico, the Europa League winners :roll_eyes:


25 seconds?! Bloody hell.


And some people fear Atletico. Auba is gonna rip the shit out of them.


Auba won’t because Auba is cup tied in the Europa League :smile:


would’ve maybe been better from a neutral viewer’s point if Atletico had scored, as watching Atletico chase 2+ goals away is not necessarily them doing what they do best lol


Ok, Laca, Mikhy and Oz :kos2:




good stuff


Griezmann 1-1. Superb gol! Can Atletico score a second now? :smile:


Great goal. Playing in yellow. And he hasn’t got shit hair anymore. Works for me :sunglasses:


Getting a new husband after Giroud is about to leave? :roll_eyes: :arteta:


Atletico starting to get their grip on the game after a great start from Seville.
1-1 HT. Balanced game. The first 15 minutes were all about Seville, than Atletico came out.


2-1 Sevilla. Penalty

Athletico poo


Yes Seville! My city :blush:

Seville have started strongly again.


Sky not showing this?


Sarabiaaaaaaaa! Great counter and deserved goal. Seville have been the best team for most of the game.


For some reason they don’t show copa games anymore. Although I believe sky have the rights to the final :confused:

Sevilla have looked good tonight, it’s been refreshing to see!