La Liga Thread


Messi and Alba are just sooooooo good! 3-0 Alba!

Great assist by Celta to Suarez :rofl:. 4-0!


Now Suarez to make it 4-0. Messi and Alba are playing unreal, they just link up so well. Although most players could link up easily with Messi…


Is Celta’s coach stuck in traffic?


Poor Celta, getting totally destroyed in the first half.
5-0 Barca

5-0 FT for Barca.



Getafe-Malaga 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Getafe FT.


Tricky games for Real, Atletico and Valencia today, as they are up against Villareal, Eibar and Deportivo.


Hope Coquelin plays



Surprise surprise, Malaga sack their manager after yesterday’s defeat. Hoping they get relegated


Such a nice goal, incredible finish.


How’s Lucas Perez doing?


God damn, 5-0


He started off well. I remember him having 4 goals in 5 games. People on Twitter were bemoaning the fact that we let him go and kept Walcott :grin: Not sure how he has done since then, though.

Actually, it’s Deportivo v Valencia tonight. An Arsenal reunion.


5-0 Girona. As good as they’ve looked, Las Palmas have looked even worse. Poor Paco :confused:

Girona make it 6-0 :rofl::rofl: this isn’t Real Madrid or Barcelona yet Las Palmas have made Girona look that good.


Las Palmas and Malaga are doomed. Can’t see them staying up.

1-0 Girona

2-0 Girona

3-0 Girona

4-0 Girona. Las Palmas’s goalie :rofl:

5-0 Girona. Cool finish

6-0 Girona


Real 0-0 at HT.





Only a few minutes left. Please Zidane continue like this :rofl:


What is the history with Real Madrid? Do they sack managers easily? Or will they wait until PSG smash them 8-0?


Notoriously sack managers at a drop of a hat. Zidane does however seem to get on with Perez, so he’ll probably be allowed to have the privilege of lasting until PSG demolish them :slight_smile: