La Liga Thread


Messi will the best when it’s all said and done hell he’s probably the best now.

He’s the perfect #10, perfect #9 and if he wanted to be perfect #8 etc. When he can no longer play further forward he could drop back into CM and still ooze world class ability like no other.

It’s like he plays with the cheat code in damn near every game, it’s just scandalous how great he is.



Great assist by Sergio Roberto for the first,

Great goalkeeping by Carvajal for the second,

And great dribbling by Messi for the third.

Also lol. Part of me thinks this is deliberate


I think you’re biased, tbh. I absolutely share your admiration for Ronaldo, he was the closest thing I’ve seen to Messi in terms of just being downright scandalous, but even at his peak I think the most you could say was he matched Messi at his peak.


Messi has to be the greatest ever, surely.

Greatest I’ve ever seen.

I’m not gonna hold the fact that Higuain is a fat useless bottling sack of shite against him (Messi).

For some reason, other people do, but that’s their problem I guess.


And I love Higuain just for that :heart:


I’d like to agree, it would make it more palatable, but I think they’ve just always been a class above us. Unless I’m forgetting some examples, which is very possible.

I hate Madrid because they are establishment, Franco loving fascist cunts :smile:

Edit: @will24 got there first on the first part of my post lol


Valencia lost as well. The league is truly over.


Yeah fuck Real, fuck the PP, and fuck the Cuiciuandos or however you spell it.

Fuck rajoy and fuck Franco.

I mean obviously anyone other than those 2 teams would be great but if it had to be one then Barca is preferable.


Fair play to Barca as I thought Real would win the league easily before the season commenced, hopefully Real don’t win their 4th CL in 5 years though unless it’s at the expense of one of the English clubs.


I just wish he had become our useless sack of shite. :frowning:


Barca look more of a team with Valverde. Messi scores less, but play more for the team.


Judging based on the starting line up, IMO it looked like zidane was scared, a very defensive team and no Isco an no Asensio which means no creativity upfront and modric cannot do everything specially against Barcelona, also it was weird that CR7 was playing upfront as some sort of false 9.


Yep, Real needed to win, instead they packed the midfield and went for the draw. Show how overrated is Zidane. Most of his success are down to luck.



Bless 'em. Its probably the first time theyve seen him picked as hes been injured since they were born.


Lovely :slight_smile:


Still can’t understand why Barcelona bothered to purchase Vermaelen.

& Song.


& Hleb.


They definitely saw Arsenal as a compatible set up. They could pluck ready-made, technically sound, physically tested and experienced players for their reserves. Mainstays at Arsenal representing decent back up at Barca.


Yeah I would have thought that was fairly obvious lol