La Liga Thread





This is beautiful from Barcelona


meh we play far better…just against harder teams :henry2:


Betis leading Malaga at HT.

2-'0 Betis FT.

2-0 Betis


Barcelona’s style is so relaxed that you don’t sense a threat coming.


El Clasico is on saturday al 12:00 am! Odd time!


Funny, Griezman is probaly the only french player(from french fathers) i think the rest are either africans or carribean decendents.


haha Now that you mentioned it, I just noticed he is only white guy in that lineup.



Always sneaky.


Christmas’s fixtures started yesterday with Levante-Leganes. 0-0 FT.

Getafe-Las Palmas 2-0 FT

1-0 Getafe

2-0 Getafe

Real Sociedad-Seville 1-1 at HT

1-0 Real Sociedad

1-1 Seville

3-1 FT for Real Sociedad. Seville with only 1 point in the last 3 games

2-1 Real Sociedad

3-1 Real Sociedad


Eibar having a fantastic season. 4-1 FT against Girona

1-0 Eibar

2-0 Eibar

2-1 Girona

3-1 Eibar

4-1 Eibar

Big 3 points for Alaves against Malaga in a relegation dogfight.



Atletico lost their unbeaten run against Espanyol. Now Barca can really kill the league off today.


Just realised Real vs Barca is on at 11pm here, so pumped up with that.


Guess it is a diamond formation for Real.


Time for the clasico! Hoping for a good one


Let’s gooooo

Air kick :grin: