La Liga Thread


Very boring match.


0-0 at HT between Bilbao and Sociedad.
0-0 FT. Valencia now.
2-1 FT for Eibar. Big chance for Barca to kill the league off now.

1-0 Eibar

1-1 Valencia

2–1 Eibar

Meanwhile, Real won The 2017 FIFA Club World Cup again. 1-0 FT against Gremio thanks to CR7.

Atletico play Alaves in few minutes.


0-0 at HT. Typical boring Atletico.
Great ball in and Torres just can’t miss it. 1-0 to Atletico!

1-0 FT for Atletico. They are 2nd now.


I swear Atletico either win/lose 1-0, or draw 0-0 like all the time


If Barca won today they would all but secure the league.


They rarely lose 1-0, but yeah win 1-0/ Draw 0-0 a lot.


Lucas starts for Deportivo against Barca.
Disallowed goal for Barca.
Beautiful move from Barca finalized by Messi, but his shot is straight at the keeper.
Suarez puts Barca ahead

Messi hits the post, then Paulinho scores on the rebound.


Iniesta and Messi playing down the same side is a joy to watch




That looked goal to me. 2-0 Barca at HT though.


Wow. How stupid is he?! I think someone will be having words with him over that.


Black face is never ever necessary. Its caual racism pure and simple.

AG is incredibly stupid but it’s not unsurprising behaviour from an individual raised in Spain or pretty much everywhere in Europe


3-0 Suarez

How has Messi not scored yet? :cech: He is playing so well.


One, he wasn’t raised in Spain, and two, honestly, what do you know about it?


Fuck! Leo missed a penalty as well. Only Penaldo can score them.


So i guess everyone is racist in Europe for him. Talk the man from the most reactionary and xenophobic nation in the world.


Paulinho with his 2nd today.

Messi is missing so many goals today!


I think the stereotyping should probably stop in this thread tbh :laughing:

Not sure what persuaded him to do it tbh. Surely one of his friends would’ve mentioned something to him…

Anyway, Messi has hit the post three times today and a whole 14 times (!) this season


Barca messing with Deportivo, the classico next weekend would be quite fun.


42 points in 16 games, still unbeaten, 42 goals scored and only 7 conceded. You have to give Valverde credits, especially after getting thrashed in the Spain Super Cup back in august.