La Liga Thread


I think Ronaldo could do with a dose of confidence


Cool story bro.


He sure has a fragile ego for someone as good as he. He probably tells himself every night before sleeping that he’s the best player ever. A sure sign that he knows Messi is clearly better :joy:


He is exactly like Vegeta. (Vegeta obviously more manly)

Inside he knows how much better Messi aka Goku is.



Weird exit for someone that’s been at the club for over five years and is one of the most senior and respected players :thinking:


He was already about to leave in the summer. He has won everything with them so he needs to move.


Alaves up at HT against Las Palmas. They are on a good run recently.

2-0 Alaves FT.


Where is Mascherano moving to? Can we have him?


Probably Juventus.


Incredible! Corner for Real, two Seville players clash against each other and the ball goes to Nacho who scores.

Navas didn’t need to touch the ball, as it was going out.
Easy through ball and Ronald finishes it in style. 2-0

Real still very open at the back. Seville could have pulled one back here.
Game already over. Ronaldo’s penalty.

4-0 Kroos on counter. FFS Seville!

Seville playing like on FIFA. 5-0 Lol!

5-0 Real FT. They didn’t want to humiliate Seville further in the second half.


Celta waste a great counter to score.
Valencia getting countered quite easily, but now they come close to score.




Great header by Zaza from a corner!

Celta are not playing that bad. They don’t deserve to be down.
1-0 Valencia at HT.
Aspas 1-1! Valencia cocking up at the back.


2-1 Parejo’s penalty

2-1 FT for Valencia. They are just 2 points behind Barca atm.


Big win for Malaga away to Real Sociedad.

1-0 Malaga

2-0 Malaga

Atletico 1-0 up at HT against Betis. Saul scored.

1-0 Atletico FT. Still 3rd.


So let me get this straight, Atletico have been poor this year but are still unbeaten ? I suppose that’s what happens when you have a manager that knows how to make sure his team is astute defensively.


Barca’s football is pretty boring these day, but they have been effective so it doesn’t really matter.
0-0 HT. Not much to say.
Villareal down to 10 men.
I remember when Barca used to produce chances after chances. Now they are just struggling to be even dangerous.
Oh! Messi so close here!
That was the old Barca back for some seconds! Beautiful move finished so well by Suarez. 1-0!

Good save by Ter Stegen now.
Villareal cock up at the back and Messi just has to score. 2-0.

2-0 FT for Barca. Still 5 points above Valencia.


Girona leading Espanyol 1-0 at HT.

1-0 Girona FT. Good season for them so far.


Seville 0-0 at HT against Levante.
0-0 FT.