La Liga Thread


Oh Pereira! So close!
1-1 FT. Fair result, but Barca should have won.


La Liga and Tebas will rightly get ruined for holding back one of the best leagues in the world after that.

It was a good secos half though, Valencia were much better than the first. Delofeu also shouldn’t be anywhere near a top team, that’s one definitive take away point.


Deulofeu is a scrub, he thinks so slowly and just isn’t on the same wave length with the caliber of players at Barca, Messi shook his head a few times at the shitty display he was putting on.

Buying him was truly baffling, the kind of player that should be made a wing back because he’s practically hopeless as an attacker.


He’s Spain’s answer to Oxlade-Chamberlain.


Pretty good comparison although Chamberlain is more talented but in terns of peformance it’s right on the money.


Reported for racism.


Delofeu should’ve moved permanently to Everton, he’s at the same level as them right now.

Thought Guedes would impress more today too, although he picked up in the second half. Wasn’t as clinical as he is usually is :confused:


The Copa del Rey Round of 32 return leg takes place from today until thursday.

Leganes-Valladolid 1-0 (3-1 on aggregate)

Malaga-Numancia 1-1 (2-3 on aggregate)

Leganes and Numancia are through.

Real 1-0 down against Fuenlabrada!

Levante-Girona 0-1 (2-1 on aggregate)

Mayoral’s brace for Real now.

Levante-Girona 1-1 (3-1 on aggregate)

2-2 Fuenlabrada

Celta, Levante and Real are through as well.


Barcellona-Murcia 1-0 (4-0 on aggregate)

Seville-Cartagena 1-0 (4-0 on aggregate)

Seville-Cartagena 3-0 (6-0 on aggregate)

Real Sociedad-Lleida 1-0 (2-0 on aggregate)

Real Sociedad-Lleida 2-0 (3-0 on aggregate)

2-1 Lleida (3-1 Real Sociedad on aggregate)

2-2 Lleida (3-2 Real Sociedd on aggregate)

4-0 Barca (7-0 on aggregate)

5-0 Barca (8-0 on aggregate)

2-3 Lleida (3-3 on aggregate. Real Sociedad are out)

Barca, Lleida and Seville are through.

1-0 Atletico (2-1 on aggregate)

2-0 Atletico (3-1 on aggregate)

3-0 Torres (4-1 on aggregate)

Atletico Madrid, Formentera (Bilbao out as well!) and Las Palmas are through as well.


Alaves, Espanyol, Villareal, Cadiz (Betis eliminato) and Valencia are the last teams to go through.

Betis-Cadiz 0-1

Betis-Cadiz 1-1

Betis-Cadiz 1-2

Betis-Cadiz 2-2

Betis-Cadiz 2-3

Betis-Cadiz 2-4

Betis-Cadiz 3-4

Betis-Cadiz 3-5


I never thought I’d ever see goal highlights fo Betis-Cadiz posted on OnlineArsenal.

I have to say Luca, I’ve never been so up to date with goalscorers and results in my life lol


Things taking a downturn for Setién lately…@Titou14 what’s the word?


Trying to improve myself with videos :wink:


Malaga-Levante 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.


Barca play Celta, while Real are away to Bilbao today.
Barca 1-1 at HT. Messi and Aspas.
2-2 FT. 2 points dropped for Barca.
Atletico beat Real Sociedad thanks to a late Griezmann’s goal.
Keep it up Bilbao! 0-0 at HT.
Yes! Puto Madrid! 0-0 FT.


Valencia can go 2 points off Barca today.
Getafe lead against Valencia!


This passed me by yesterday. Another red card for Ramos? That guy has spent half his career being suspended!


Valencia lose so Barca go 5 points ahead.


Nice link-up play to give Las Palmas the lead against Betis

Another defeat for Betis. Setien is risking.


Betis started the season so well too. Not sure what’s happening to them at the moment :confused: