Kylian Mbappe


No we are not. And when the end of the transfer window comes, you’ll see all these click bait ITKs are wrong yet again.


Which clickbait ITK’s would they be then?


There’s like a million in this thread alone.


Plenty of reputable sources are clear about us both putting the money up and working hard to sign him.

You’ve turned into Morris lately.


There are no reputable sources because they are all so often in the wrong and their sources are generally just other twitter rumours and users. Or they just don’t exist.

Even presidents, chairmans, sporting directors and agents lie. The only truly reputable source is the one that comes directly from the club confirming or denying any reports.

The thought of Wenger paying €130m for a player he could have had for next to nothing last summer borders on laughable lol. He’s already given us his traditional “we were close but so and so prevented the transfer” speech already regarding Mbappe.


I just can’t get behind this one, it all screams of Wenger admiring from afar but not pulling the trigger and even if he did he would miss the target because he wants to be elsewhere.

Isn’t a realistic target for me despite his vast talent and potential.


It certainly means absolutely fuck all in terms of progression unless we actually land him. However, from Wenger’s point of view it would be a smart acquisition. It would change his dynamic with the fans and would be a shrewd move from both a financial and footballing standpoint.

I’ve seen Wenger use smoke and mirrors quite a lot to try and shift focus but I’m not sure if this is one of those times, even he has to realize that saying he “tried” to sign Mbappe isn’t going to stop those planes flying over away days the minute shit gets tough for us in the league.


You really have got your knickers in a twist this morning havent you. :smile:

re-read the thread, you might learn something.


There’s way too much smoke at this point to think that Wenger isn’t making a genuine attempt to convince him. The only reason to extremely pessimistic is that he is a priority for Madrid, and when a player like that is a priority for Madrid it’s unlikely we’re going to win out. That, and the fact that staying at Monaco for a year before moving to Madrid isn’t a bad option either for the kid.

But yeah, I definitely believe we’re making a genuine, full-hearted attempt to sign him, I just doubt our ability to actually do so. The comment above by @SRCJJ citing Arshavin, Kante, Higuaín, etc., is a bit Morrisian in nature…Higuaín was not because of money (confirmed by Ornstein and El Confidencial–one of the few reliable outlets in the Madrid press–we didn’t make a bid), Kante I’m not sure what happened there but he’s not a player the level of Mbappe who was really going to change anything for us (and I’m pretty sure he chose Chelsea over us?), and Arshavin we signed him in the end, so…


I’m still failing to see anything reputable saying that Arsenal have agreed or talked about a fee with Monaco, so that may ultimately be the next stumbling block, even if we have the money.


I haven’t seen anyone say anything other than we had a 100m euros bid rejected. The price is supposedly 30 million over that.


Madrid apparently submitted a €130m bid, which got rejected.

Arsenal apparently submitted a £100m bid, which got rejected.

Prices arent that far apart, and that’s without knowing structure. @SRCJJ No idea why you liked that? Basically just proved you wrong. :smile:


We should give them Coquelin, Gibbs and Giroud.


Quotes from Spain make it unlikely Real have actually bid. Apparently Zidane said something to the effect of them needing to shift 3 players in order to be in a position to bid for Mbappe. They’ve likely enquired but not bid.


We do it every transfer window. but at least it gives us something to discuss during the off season.


Gibbs? :cech:


Who’d have thought we discuss potential transfers on a forum about football. Whatever next eh? :mustafi:


Let them shift those guys onto us. We should buy James and Isco and fund their Mbappe buy.


Or just fuck them by buying Mbappe and charging them 3 hundred million in five years time.


Well realistically that’s not really something Arsenal do. We aren’t good at getting the maximum when we sell players. We’ve benefited massively from buying the spoiled spanish teams “dead wood”, lol our two best players.

For me Mbappe is not as sure a thing as most people think. Scoring at a nice rate in the French league is something Giroud did as well, and then you’ve got the example of a wonderkid like Martial who went for big money and hasnt shown the same effectiveness since. Paying such a young kid is a big risk, I would much rather go with a couple players from Madrid who you know are going to come up with the goods on a consistent basis.