Kylian Mbappe


Imagine if the season we miss out on CL we end spending 250m in the transfer market. Scenes.


Thats normal


The market has doubled, you can’t get Ozil/Alexis type players for that now, they’d be 70m-100m now.

40m players now look like Lacazette and Mahrez, good players but not elite ones. At least yet.


Or to put it another way, imagine if in the transfer window when we only bought a GK, we had spent 250m, we would still be in the CL :wink:


You are quite fucking right there!


Bit of a tenuous link. But…

27 minutes -


The Lacazette smokescreen! :slight_smile:


Would be absolutely mental to buy the kid for this much - would go against anything and everything we have ever done as a club ? Believe me id like the kid here but Wenger is on a madness if he gets him !!


We are signing all ze french! :grimacing:


I find it ridiculous that people care how much we spend on a player as if the money’s taken out of their pocket. The only question that fans need to be concerned with is whether said player is going to help bring the titles in. If yes, spend, else, don’t. Simples.


Apparently from Thursday before the Lacazette bid. I think the ship’s sailed on this one.


I think the only concern is that if you spend too much of a certain player it will absolutely restrict our ability to manoeuvre elsewhere in the transfer market. And we all know we’re more than a couple players short of a well rounded squad.


there was never any chance of signing this player, simple as that


we have more money in the bank than any other club in the world ffs.


And we intend to keep it that way …indefinitely :wenger:


I don’t know who this guy is but he works for BeIN and is saying stuff I like so am gonna post it :sunglasses:


He’s been offered a pay rise to stay at Monaco apparently.


People are setting themselves up for a whole heap of disappointment by being invested in a rumour like this. We’re run by a man who didn’t want to pay the extra to sign Higuain, didn’t want to pay the extra in wages to secure Kante and bartered over a couple million when signing Arshavin. We are not suddenly going to break that trend by paying a sum of money that no other club in the world wants to pay for an 18 year old.


except thats literally what we are doing.