Kostantinos Mavropanos (Out on loan)

I really see this being another Emi Martinez situation. Hope we don’t sell him.


10m maybe? :eyes:

I would give him and Saliba a chance next season, sink or swim situation, alongside Gabriel and Luiz on a new 12 month deal. Sell the rest :grin:

Give them the preseason and pick one imo. Don’t think we have the capacity to give both of them enough minutes next season.

Plenty of minutes to go around the four of them if we sell the rest (Holding, Chambers, Mari etc)

I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that unless we bring in other experienced CBs in, which in turn again will limit their minutes.

Saliba, Gabriel and Mavropanos offer more than Mari at this point. Experience is overrated. But we’re definitely not selling Holding nor Mari.

Have you watched them enough to suggest that though?
I was never impressed by Mavropanos even when he got some chances under Wenger. Saliba has talent but he is still rough.
Going into the season mainly relying on 3 young CBs would be disastrous.



Gabriel is hardly inexperienced going into next season.

Hardly inexperienced but you can’t call him experienced either.

Experience means nothing if the quality is not there. Luiz is our most experienced defender but makes a costly mistake every other game. Luiz, Holding and Mari are extremely average/poor defenders and there experience means very little.


And you can say for certain Mavropanos and Saliba are not like that? :thinking:

Don’t know if we don’t try them. Holding Chambers Mari all a mixture of either decent or shit, but should be able to get 30-40m for the three of them to put towards other areas.

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Nope. But I can say for certain that Mari, Holding and Luiz are like that and that by default means others need to get chances.


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