Kostantinos Mavropanos (Out on loan)

They’re reiterating Ornstein’s story that Emery doesn’t feel Dinos is where he should be to start. Realistically, he’s behind Monreal at CB.

Got subbed off in 2 games after 45 minutes. He’s not even close to adequate for what we need.
Beginning of the end now and best for both parties.

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“The young Greek looks to be going off with an injury just 30 minutes in”…

Feels like he’s basically been injured since he got here.

It’s a big season for him in terms of actually showing us something. Doesn’t have even come close to solidifying first team football but just show us something. The early signs haven’t been promising. He doesn’t look assured enough to me.

But I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just put it down to injuries disrupting him getting into the flow of things.


Totally agree. That’s how I feel about him right now.

Too early to write off but not shown any particular glimpses of talent to bring excitement either.

Wish he would do an Eboue trialling for us !? Fckn take out everyone Manager included - he is a unit !?

Ive written him off. Needs to get out on loan at the very least. His futures not in England.

I’ve said it before I’ll say again, there’s no way he can be written off with what we’ve seen from him, in the way of talent that is. Kid hasn’t had a proper opportunity. To be fair yes mainly because he’s had fitness issues, but we really can’t be sure if the kid is gonna be good or not at this point.

I think this season needs to be his breakthrough season, I could see him been used in the Europa League group games and League Cup. Maybe get a run out in a Christmas/New Year fixture PL game and the FA Cup. Then Slowly bring him into the PL games over time. The lad has potential but needs to stay injury free. If it doesn’t work out this season then maybe a loan move out next summer or letting him go is on the books.

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Lool, this guy is a permacrock


All that wanking over our transfer window must have really taken it’s toll on poor Mav :disappointed_relieved:

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Genuinely forgot this hottie existed

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According to twitter bollocks Emery doesn’t like him so I’m gonna read more into this than I should :henry2:

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Totally devalues the compliment you paid me the other day :xhaka:

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Are you implying I may have dodgy taste? :anguished:


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, this turns up.

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Too many outgoings imo. If Mustafi goes then surely we’ll need some bodies at least?