Kostantinos Mavropanos (Out on loan)


“Potentials” is on his side, but I don’t see how he is really better than Chambers at this moment, and don’t think he will in a year or two at least.

Mav will be a beast in a year or so just needs game time without injuries !?

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We all know Mustafi weakness but havent seen an iota of anything in this stiff to suggest their is a player in here.
Not expecting much when he was selected but ive not rarely seen a player this nervous on a football pitch.
No more this season thanks. Stay away from the subs bench too.

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I have no idea why people were so high on this guy ?


Probably because Mustafi fits the one size fits all excuse for any defensive mistakes.

Dude came out of the Greek League as a good prospect but definitely wasn’t a done deal there anyway. Said it a while a go that people should calm their horses with the kid, thought having Papa here would be good for him but definitely needs a loan next season at a proper league. He needs to get games and start coming out of his shell, can’t be messing like this at a top club like Arsenal.

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We’ve sure had a nice tradition of these type of signings in the last 10 years :grin:

If he’s shit sell him on for a tidy sum

Fuck loaning him. Just kicking the can down the road. He’ll be almost 23 by the time he’s ready to make a contribution if we loan him and that’s a best case scenario. Much more likely he won’t be ready. If we can get 5-6m for him that should be more than enough to be saying bye.


Maybe, but there’s talent there. Personally I don’t get these ‘He’s 23, he’s done’ comments. I’ve seen it a lot of times and sometimes it may be correct but sometimes it’s absolutely wrong. There are late bloomers, especially at his position, growing as a defender comes later compared to other positions higher up the pitch. Plus, let’s not act like we’re in a position to be like that, at Barca or Madrid you may be able to get away with it but here…nope.
So yeah, any Iwobi and Maitland-Niles, deal with it, they’re gonna be here for a while. :sweat_smile::joy:

In almost 30 years supporting the club I can’t name a player who we had as a teenager that subsequently made their breakthrough at 23 or older. That’s where it comes from for me.

Or am I not remembering someone obvious?

Has nothing to do with thinking the player can’t go on to have a reasonable career, it just won’t be at The Arsenal.


Fair game, personally thought Vela did pretty well for himself, got a good thing going with Grizey and could’ve had ended into one of the big 3 in Spain if he was a bit more ruthless but seemed to really love it Sociedad.
Still, I don’t think Arsenal represents football as a whole. I just think 23 as an age is fairly young, not everyone is Messi, Mbappe or Neymar(modern examples) who were pretty much balling as soon as they got pro.

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Vela broke into the Arsenal team aged 19 though, not 22.

I possibly wasn’t clear enough, if a player on our books as a teenager still hasn’t made the breakthrough for Arsenal at 22/23 then their career lies elsewhere but not here. Whatever that career ends up looking like.

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This kid is better than Chambers?
Hell no.

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He probably is actually but that is not a compliment to him, being better than Chambers is not a feat.

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You don’t like Chambers fair enough but yeah I’m with @ronniec.

Hell no.


Not sure you can really compare them now anyway given that it seems Chambers’ future is in midfield

Yeah I was rather emphasizing that I think both are shit, don’t really know if he’s better.

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I think we have enough data to suggest Chambers isn’t going to cut it as a future starter for us at CB - the idea he has shifted to DM is interesting, but I just doubt he has enough technical quality for a team like us.

Mavro looks like a walking calamity and version 2.0 of Moose, so I am pretty discouraged by what I have seen so far… it is early, but I generally like to see more intelligence early on with occasional failures rather than what just seems like a baseline footballing brain that is awful (which so far he look like to me). Holding is a good example - he seemed smart for his age/experience and while wasn’t always perfect, you didn’t get the sense he was a moron.

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Don’t abuse the word “shit”.
We have a real shit on the team and nobody is close to that level.

Okay, maybe.
When you need rotation and backup, this is time the backup and rotation matters.
This Mavropanos kid is just totally raw, why the fuck we keep him on the team but no loaning him out?
Chambers as back up is much better, even if not adequate.